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My First Cycle - End to End Feedback Needed

Please give feedback from end to end, but especially with dosing PCT as everyone I talk to has a different opinion about it.

I am -
28yrs Old
5’9, 170lbs

Been lifting since I’ve been 14 years old and finally taking the next step up to the big leagues.

Test E - Pinning 250mg twice a week (500mg total a week): Sun night / Thurs morning
Fertigyn - 500IU, twice a week: Sun night / Thurs morning

I plan to start with 250mg Test E as my first pin, until my last pin, as I would never change the mg throughout the cycle.

The Sunday of my last pin will include Test E and HCG, then I will stop pinning completely (Test E & HCG) and take a two week break

After the two weeks I plan to take my PCT:
Clomid - 50mg, 3x a day for 21 days
Nolvadex - 20mg, 3x a day for 21 days

I also plan to take Aromisin - 12.5mg (was going to split it into 1/4th pieces and start small, but as needed)

Bloodwork will be taken initially, before any pinning and the second blood work will be taken a month after all PCT is completely done.

Let me know your thoughts.

Whats your BF estimate?

Sounds correct.

Wait three.

Pick one or the other. Clomid at 50/50/25/25 or Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

You may want to wait entirely. If you do, take as little as possible.


Take 3 weeks off of test, and keep pinning the HCG. I would skip HCG in the beginning weeks of the cycle to use it before PCT if I only had so much HCG.

One or the other. The doses are too high. I would run it longer too. I would pick Nolva at 20 mg/day for 6 weeks, or do a 40, 40, 20, 20 (kinda the standard).

Take as needed. E2 is good for growth, and many don’t need it. If you need it by all means take it. You won’t get gyno in a day. If you start to notice it, address it. If you can’t get hard after a few weeks, start the AI low doses.

This seems like overkill. Do Nolva 40/40/20/20 as said above

my BF is around 15-18% if I had to guess…

Is it better to take Nolva at 40/40/20/20 or 20/20/20/20/20

  • Remember, it’s only Test e.
  • I’m wondering if I should do 400 or 500 mg total, of Test e per week as this is my first cycle and not sure how my body will handle it.

Also I was going to use Fertigyn - 500IU per week, even after I stop the Test e.
I would keep running the Fertigyn for 3 week after, and when I start the Nolva… I would stop the HCG.

Do I need to wait at all from when I stop the HCG, to the time I start the Nolva? or can I start taking the Nolva next day after the HCG?

If this is the case at 170lbs and 5’9 your likely not primed for a cycle. It doesn’t mean you won’t grow but it’s kind of like running before you learn to walk. My advice is to gain about 15 lbs while ensuring you hit that 15% BF range or better. Yeah that’s a tall order and it’s going to take discipline and time. But do that… and you’re in a better state to keep your cycle growth.

Yes “only” a hormone that’s going to shutdown your HPTA with the potential for never fully recovering to pre cycle levels. It’s a serious thing to consider my friend.

Can you reply to the other statements in the post I made?

Either is fine.


You can start a couple days after.