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My First Cycle: Diet and Gear


Im starting my first cycle test e.
20 years old.
183 cm
78 kg

Im thinking about doing either one.
Week 1-6 300 mg test e
Week 6-12 500 test e.

Or just 1-12 500 test e

Aromasin 1-14 12mg E3D

Triptorelin 100mcg
Nolvadex 20 mg ED.

3 meals a Day, im Felding much better eating bigger meal, than small and many meals.

Meal 1: oatmeal, milk and fruit
Meal 2: beef, vegetables.
Meal 3: home made Shake: oatmeal, milk, coconut Oil, banana, protein powder.

Im getting around 3000-3500 calories a Day.

Workout: 6 days a week, push/pull/Legs.

You’re too young, and you’re taking a big risk.

You’re scrawny, which tells me you either don’t know how to eat or how to train, or both, yet. Steroids are not magic. They will only give you better results if you’re already doing everything right.

How long have you been training?

If you must run this cycle, and I highly recommend you wait a couple years, you should modify a couple things. For one, run hCG at 750-1000iu/wk throughout the cycle. Two, your aromasin dose might be spread a little too far apart, so just be aware of what symptoms to look for if you experience estrogen issues. Run 500mg of test throughout, no need to start with 300.

How long is your planned PCT with nolva? It should be 8 weeks. Careful with the trip.

3 meals a day…

Eat more lol.