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My First Cycle, Critique Needed


OK firstly...

*yes im only 19...will be 20 when I start.
*Yes I could probably make some more gains natty.
*will Cycle regardless.

am 6'1 200 lbs between 12 and 14 bodyfat by calliper..

Am going to do.

Week 1-6
Test prop 100mg/EOD,

week 1-2
Clen 50mcg a day.

Week 4-6
Lutalyse building up till .5 mg a day.

will run armidex. During cycle





You know that lutalyse is used to to induce induce uterine contractions in cattle and, as such, causes explosive diarrhea, right?

That's some fucked-up shit to be messing around with.