My First Cycle Completed

Hello. Just coming to the end of my first cycle. Overall I loved it. I am 31 and weigh 70kg. Please note I train for competetions with weight class so my goal was to gain strength with as little weight increase as possible. I’m now at 75kg and my strength went up gradually through the weeks, can’t wait to stArt next cycle :grinning:.

I did around 300mg of test e for 12 weeks. I will be starting pct next week. I also did 50mg Anavar a day for the last 6 weeks. I didn’t use anything else. I did have Hcg but decided not to use it. Libido has been great and my balls didn’t shrink. I prob gained a bit of water weight but overall I felt great.

pinning was quite enjoyable. It took around 10 minutes the first time. I only had pip once, and that was the first time. The second time I pinned was scary. When pulling the needle out blood shot half way across the room all over my carpet lol. I panicked then jabbed the needle into my other hand, but I was more concerned if I had just wasted a ml of test.

So it’s a big thumbs up for this cycle. Oh and sex, wow. I found it very difficult to climax and I could keep on going and going and going. Sometimes it was impossible. I think I jacked off for over two hours lying in my head, sheets soaked from my sweat. Haha.

I just wanted to write this as I lurked around hear for a long time. So I thank you people for all the advice you gave on these forums. I will prob do the next few cycles with a low dose of test and Anavar. Pity it’s so expensive.

I will update you when I go through pct. I’m dreading it tbh. I will also get bloods done in a couple months. The only thing I wish I had done is get my bloods checked before. :slightly_smiling_face:

don’t be a pussy about PCT. The guys who have a shit time are the guys who think they will. It’s a breeze.

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you didn’t run an AI with your cycle, did you?

No I didn’t use an ai. Next time I will though. That was my mistake. All my friends looked at me oddly when I mentioned pct etc. But I had one friend do an oral only cycle and he crashed badly

yeah, that’s part of the reason why you had sexual side effects…

silly goose. If your E is still high when you go into PCT you’re in for quite a time.


Cryp, I’ve personally never had night sweats even on 750mg of Test E for 14 weeks. Is that something you’ve been getting? Also, he’d probably have side effects anyway with an AI, but certainly worse without.