My First Cycle at 18 Years Old

Hello, I am new to this website and I wanted to get some advice on my first cycle.
I am currently 18 years old, I have been training for around four years and in this time I have cycled dymethazine (DMZ) twice aswell as a few sarms, I have done a lot of research into the drugs I’ve taken before hand however with anabolics it’s different, I want advice on what I should cycle first and at what doses, aswell as what AI would be best with the cycle.

I spend a lot of time at the gym and go twice a day 4 times a week due to other commitments that restrict some days. I know I shouldn’t be taking them however I have made up my mind and just wanted some actual advice so I can cycle safely.
Height 5 foot 10
Weight currently 87kg
Currently on no diet.
Thanks you

So you are alright with the possibility of developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, that doesn’t concern you at all? Dymethazine is extremely toxic, up there with superdrol, I don’t know why anyone would run that on it’s own. Are you on TRT? If not, don’t cycle, trust me you don’t want to be hypogonadal, it feels shit to not be able to get an erection, have no motivation for anything. Sarms have no clinical studies proving their long term safety, for all we know they might cause cancerous tumor growth like cardarine, you’d have to be crazy to take sarms. If you want advice, sure, you CAN’T cycle safely, there are definate risks no matter what you do to try migitate them. For blood thickening donate blood as much as possible and take an aspirin daily, for cholesterol use niacin, for heart health and blood pressure use hawthorn berry, coq10 or prescription grade blood pressure lowering medication. For Liver protection with orals use Tudca, milk thistle and NAC, however if you want to be “safe” stay away from orals completely. If you have a family history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or premature heart attacks I would stay away from AAS forever. I’m not giving you cycle advice (compounds or dosages), because I am not a doctor therefore I don’t feel comfortable giving that kind of medical advice and I don’t believe you should be using AAS unless you (specifically your case) want to be a professional bodybuilder or are older. What is your BF percentage, what are your lifting stats, why do you want to cycle? How old were you when you started cycling? (Dymethazine is an anabolic steroid, not a prohormone, it may convert to another substance once ingested but the substance even before conversion is an active steroid with anabolic and androgenic activity). Then there’s the risk of being on trt for life if you don’t recover, I strongly suggest you reconsider cycling and get blood work done to see if you’ve done damage from your previous cycles

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Read 10 Dan John articles, you have a lot to learn -at your height can get to leanish 220lbs tottally naturally using the info on this site

Okay thank you ever so much for the advice it is really appriciated, so my bodyfat percentage at the moment is looking around 20.3%
Current lifting stats are:
Bench- 1 rep max 130 kg, for reps is around 105/110kg
Squat - 1RM is 150 kg, and rep about 120kg
Deadlift -1RM is 215kg And rep 170/180kg

First cycle was July 2016 -17 years of age and this was dymethazine, not noticeable side effects from this besides more aggressive/ shorter temper. Would never take orals again though as know risk.
I want to use because I want to take my performance up to the next level and hopefully in the forseable future compete.

17 is REALLY young, especially considering you aren’t on TRT (very rare for a 17 year old to be on TRT, but it’s possible, I’m a prime example) is dymethazine still OTC? It used to be over the counter when I was younger, living in the states (never took it, but I knew of it because kids took it). What gains did you make (specifically how much weight did you gain), I’m just curious, cycling dymethazine at seventeen was/is a really bad idea but I am curious as to how much you gained or if there was any long term gains from an oral only cycle of a harsh compound like dymethazine. By taking your performance to the next level, do you mean you want to compete? If you don’t want to compete, I highly recommend you wait until your early twenties or so, as the possibility of permenant shut down isn’t worth it. You have impressive bench press stats, however I believe you squat could increase quite a bit naturally, however you have very respectable stats for someone your age. If you are dead set on running a cycle (which I don’t condone), I would suggest getting to a lower BF percentage, as the higher your BF the more you will be capable of aromatising.

You’re 18, 20%bf, and you don’t have a diet… You don’t need a cycle. You need 8 years, a good diet and training program, and you need to be less fat. You are young and probably have a lot of natural potential. No need to rush into jumping on cycles. You say that you have made your mind up. I’m not going to try to talk you out of it… I just don’t think you really know what you are getting yourself into.

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DMZ is an anabolic. It’s a designer steroid, period. You haven’t done enough research.

So if anyone can chime in, is DMZ still available OTC? Just curious, The prohormone ban of 2014 took most off the shelves but I believe Msten and Epistane are still not controlled substances.

Not in the US. In the UK you can still get a lot of things otc, including halodrol and superdrol.

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Im not near as knoledgable as others on this site but if youve done any research youll note that AI is much harsher on the body than a SERM like nolvadex. Any and all feel free to correct me if im wrong.

Not correcting you, you’re totally right, AI’s in combination with androgens even at low dose Ai, will suppress hdl cholesterol while serms can improve lipid profile. I was on 1mg of arimidex daily for two years to stop premature closure of my growth plates (dr prescribed) and my joints are now fucked up beyond belief and my bone density is low, and I stopped using the AI a year ago! It ruined my dream of being a professional bodybuilder. I’m on trt currently and I’m never taking an arimidex ever again out of pure fear because of what it did to me. It is unknown what the long term impact of Aromatise inhibitors are in men, however I would agree that they aren’t good long term.