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My First Cycle, Any Suggestions or Changes?

blshaw, ya i was just curious on things to possibly help with "easier or quicker PCT recovery, but ive come to the conclusion that the blast of HCG on my bridge should work just fine. Also how long do you wait to get your blood work after PCT and lets say if my levels are not back to normal do you continue with the PCT ?

I would wait a month after you finish PCT. If levels are not good we can re-evaluate.

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Yes! I will correct that.

another question i had was well in the PCT phase should stop weight training for the frist 2-3 weeks or maybe just calesthetics until your test levels start to regulate to avoid losing muscle mass?

I’m pretty certain that if you want to preserve as much muscle as possible, either after a cycle or just in general, you need to keep enforcing the stress-adaptation cycle.

What I will likely do after I stop pinning and start PCT is cut back on the volume while trying to maintain intensity. It’ll allow for better recovery while maintaining the newfound strength.

Anyways, that’s my reasoning. I’m a AAS newb so take it for what it’s worth.

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Hell no. You need to do everything you can to hold that strength. You may notice some of the new PRs diminishing a bit but push yourself as hard as you can without injury.


ok sounds good just wasnt sure since t levels are crashed if training would be counter productive, thank you. and back on the blood testing again do you guys use the DIY at home ones or are they not as accurate?

I tried the one where you send in your sample (they send you a kit, with box with shipping already paid). My sample never got results. I think test was too high.

I just recently bought labs online and went in to get the draw. Haven’t gotten results yet (just had the draw on Friday). I think the results are more trustworthy with this method, but also much cheaper. I don’t think I can post the source, but if you type in discounted and labs into google it should come up. The have bodybuilder basic, advanced and comprehensive packages. I bought the advanced because I wanted to IGF-1 and DHT results that the basic didn’t give. I paid $275 after everything, but these cover a lot of stuff (RBC, HCT, lipids, TT, FT, E2, Prolactin, IGF1, DHT, Liver labs, Kidney labs). The comprehensive package had thyroid and prostate labs included IIRC (I am not that concerned with these ATM, and have had previous labs for them).

The basic was about $100 less, and the comprehensive was a bit more than $100 more than I paid.

After this round of labs I will probably go with the basic. I really wanted to get IGF-1 since I have been trialing MK-677 and I want to see if it works for me. I think the basic for ~$170 is what I’ll do in the future.

Here is what you get with the basic:


I dont see LH on there, Did the basic let you see your LH levels too? Dont u want to make sure thats also in check?

Are you planning on doing this pre cycle, mid cycle, or post PCT? Pre or post cycle you should do LH and FSH. If mid cycle, you don’t need those (it should be near 0 for both, and I don’t think it needs to be confirmed to be so).

I think if you need LH or FSH, then you can add it for around $80, or get a package with them. I see one that has it, but it is $550.

Also, I guess I got the comprehensive BBer package not advanced (just go off of the prices I listed I guess).

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Ya just a pre and post, ill get the LH added on when im done with everything, thanks for all the great info tho appreciate it!! I got my buddy doin the same thing with me so i wana have it down so i don’t fuck not only myself up but my friend in the process hes a little slow so i dont have much help in gathering info :drooling_face::joy:

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The protocol layout is so your TT isn’t “crashed”, at least not for long. You’ll have the test you’re pinning, then the test from HCG, then the increasing test from thee Nolva

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Got another one guys, so im not planning on taking any AI during cycle but what if E2 starts acting up how much nova would you take? And for how long? What r the symptoms of elevated E2? Just sore tits? Thank you sorry im probably getting annoying :muscle::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: