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My First Cycle, Any Suggestions or Changes?

first time using, been lifting for 5+ years.

week 1-6 test E 300mg
week 8-12- test E 300mg with 25-30mg turinabol

pre PCT:

Week 13-15 HCG 750iu a week wit 25mg tbol


week16 and 17… 30 nova and 10 clomid
week 18 and 19… 20 nova and 5 clomid
week 20 and 21… 10 nova

also can i get my blood drawn and see the results for my testrone levels etc at a free blood donation place??

This is the only one I feel confident in offering my .02.

No, you will need to purchase specific labs at a place like lab Corp. I know some use quest. If I remember right my basic hormone panel plus a CBC was around $130 from lab Corp.

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I would run the tbol weeks 10-15. It will help you maintain size during the bridge to PCT. it will also give you longer to make sure test doesn’t give you any issue. Test dose is also a little low for the typical first cycle.


My boy saves the day again! Thank you thats a lot smarter move for sure. whats your recommended test dose?

4-500mg. It’s individual of course. For me I can run 400mg with no issues but at 500mg I start to have minor issues needing an AI or SERM. So if you want to start on the lower side my advice is 400mg. You want to maximize the cycle since you are shutdown anyway without having sides.

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Is there anyway to prevent shutdown or this is just somthing that cant b avoided while juicing?

Can’t really be avoided. A lot of guys try SARMs instead of AAS thinking they can avoid getting shut down, but end up with a host of other problems.

If you’re really concerned about it and don’t want to get shut down, you could run 4iu HGH for 12-16 weeks. It’s really expensive though, and still isn’t going to work as well without exogenous testosterone.

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Shutting down your nuts can be avoided. Take hCG at 250 IU 3 times per week. You hypothalamus will still shut down but recovery will be easier. Run the hCG until week 15.

Caveat: you might need an AI sooner this way as hCG increases E2.

I’d do it.

Also i think this is alright. You could go the route of only one of the 2 and in that case take Nolva. But I think this is ok.

Could you explain how this works good sir.

In what detail? HGH won’t shut you down and it can help build muscle. But it won’t be as powerful as testosterone.

Ah, I see. I miss read and was thinking you meant adding gh to the cycle would prevent shut down, that’s why I asked for clarification. Sorry about that.

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so your saying HCG 750iu weeks 13-15 correct this is my plan as of now

I think @lordgains is alluding to running it the whole cycle. You can run it longer than just the bridge but you don’t want to run it during your PCT. A lot of guys run it with their TRT for example to avoid testicular atrophy and some other claimed benefits of having an LH mimic.


What @blshaw said

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If i run hgh for week 12-16 can i still start my PCT as planned ?

Definitely. But probably best to run HGH for the whole cycle. If I could afford it, I would run HGH on every single cycle I did.

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Hmm ok so u mentioned 4iu of hgh and is that a week or every other other day or…? And if i run it the whole cycle when i get to weeks 13-15 and im doing my preping for PCT are the other compounds im taking all safe to take together (hcg,hgh,tbol)

4iu/day would be the high side. 2iu is still effective. But I’m talking pharma grade. If you’re up to 4iu/day and not noticing much, then your gear is bunk.

Nothing about AAS is “safe.” obviously less is better when health is concerned. As far as mixing them, it’s fine, just don’t get reckless. For a first cycle, I wouldn’t go more than 750mg of total steroids per day WEEK. A common cycle for a competitor could be 1000-1500mg. Mr universe level is probably upwards of several grams/day.

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Rudy, I don’t think you need HGH. You’re already very lean and that’s the main advantage of it at the doses we are discussing. I would save your money unless you have labs showing low IGF1.

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You must mean per week. 750 mg/day would surely add some muscle though.

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