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My first cycle and how all is messed up now due underdosed gear

Allright, I did 500mg/w Cypionate, started june. The first 10ml vial had maybe the dose of test it should be, everytime i injected i got swetting that lasted 5-10 mins, and my body was hot for 5 weeks, i dont mean fever now. I felt like superman from the very first injection, all my anxiety and other symptoms went away and i had super energy. But the last 3, 10 ml vials… eather they have contained no test at all, or like 1/5 what it should be. Now my energy is super low, tired all the time, no libido at all, no motivation and no appetite… i have lost 15 pounds in Month. I took bloodwork 4 weeks ago, All was in perfect range, also, my HB was 146… if stuff is “ok” my hemo would not be so low… Tomorrow i will go take full bloodpanel and like +40 tests, including E2 and Testosterone. I am quite sure my Testosterone is below 10 Nmol… I also switch to another brand with good source, and will start it next week.

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