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My First Cycle and Dosage

Hey I’m thinking of starting my first cycle wanted to know what everyone thinks of the dosage and what I’m taking. I have aromasin as a A.I and nolva for my pct. I’m still waiting on my hcg and some dbol to front load.

Dbol 30mg for the first 30 days
Deca 500mg a week
Test e 500mg a week
Test prop 250mg for the first 6 weeks

Im open to any and all suggestions or tips please let me know what you think. I’m 6ft6 210lbs low BF

Deca and test e for 12 weeks*

So, if after 3 to 4 weeks you have side effects from this cycle any idea how you would figure out if it is the Dbol, Deca or Test?

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You’re using over 1G/wk on you’re first cycle… How do you reckon youre third cycle will shape up?

Seriously, this is reckless behaviour that will likely come to bite you in the ass long term

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Thanks for the reply whatd you think I should do dosage wise then??

Standard 500mg test, 12 week cycle. Are you sure you wanna lose your natty card though? 210lbs at 6’6 doesn’t sound like you’ve gotten close to your genetic limit

If you’re starting out with test prop then you don’t need to use dbol to kickstart. The whole point of prop is the quick release. So drop the dbol. Deca is tricky for some guys and if you’re one of those guys then you’ll have a hard time knowing it because you’re using two new compounds at once, which is generally a bad idea.

Thanks and as for my limit your totally right but I’m honestly really over being so lean and long been putting in a ton of work and really wanna round out my shoulders and get a fuller chest and wider back my goals are to gain a good 25 lbs but also wanna run this as healthy as possible

Thanks do you think I should keep my dosage where it’s at and just drop the dbol??

I know what you’re saying, if you’re 100% confident then I wish you the best

Thanks brotha

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If you can’t bulk naturally all the deca and test in the world wont answer your problem. And what you do gain you will quickly lose post cycle.

Care to explain I feel like I can bulk pretty well. it’s just harder to do so with my frame and body type I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to gain a good amount of muscle as well as water on the Cycle because the deca and I’m gunna lose a little but to keep no gains at all seems a little far fetched especially if I keep training and eating right

Drop the dbol. And honestly save the deca for your next run. It’s really a lot easier to manage everything with one new drug at a time. Use the test, hit the weights hard, and eat for growth. You’ll be impressed what you can do with test all by itself.

I’m trying to figure how to run the prop and the e together those first 4-5 weeks the best. Maybe something like this:

Test e 125mg twice a week
Test prop 75mg eod
This comes out to 550/w over those five weeks

Weeks 6-12
Test e 250mg twice a week

Then on to pct. I’m not totally on board with this layout but it makes sense to me from a purely scientific perspective.

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What do think i should with the pct then?? And if I save the deca should I run it with test my second time around because I’ve always herd you should run them together so you dont get deca dick.

Pct with Nolva. And yes, deca by itself would be a bad idea.