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My First Cycle, and a Tren Question


Hey guys, first of all, i want to make clear that i'm not the typical newbie that wants to get bigger and ripped by yesterday without making any effort.

Note that English is not my mother tongue, so I might commit some grammar or orthographic mistakes.

Ok, before showing my stats i'll tell you guys why i want to do this first cycle:

I'm 20 years old (i know, i'm under 21), and I wrestle at college level, in fact, i have an scholarship because i wrestle for my college.
Sadly this year my performance on the mat haven't been the best, actually i'm risking my scholarship now.

I have a (big) competition upcoming, and i "have" to perform good enough in order to keep studying.

Thats why i have decided to do a steroid cycle at my age.


-Training since i was 13 (weights since 16)
-Wright: ~190 pounds
-BF: 10% (measured by calipers)
-Lifts (bench-squat-DL): around 200-300-400
-First cycle.
-Goal: body Recomp, and strength gain.
-Anything else please feel free to ask.

Ok, for the cycle i have thought the following:

-Moderate amount of test (350-400mg/W), this is because if i go heavy on test, i'll have a nasty water retention that'll kill my gas on the mat
-Masteron (As tren "lite", i'm thinking of 300mg/week)
-Tren... Ok this is the thing, i have red a lot about tren and it's obvious that this is a no-no on a combat athlete, mainly because it will kill my gas. But also i have red about it's fat-burning, strength gaining properties. Then, i would like to ask you guys: Is there a way to avoid the nasty tren sides? (As the limp dick, the cardio kill, etc) I obviously would run bromo or caber alongside with the tren to avoid any possible erectile disfunction.
If there is a way, and it is too risky then i'll go with test and masteron only. But please advice me in this subject.


W-1-8 Test prop @350-400mg/week, injecting ED
W-1-8 Letrozole @ 1mg/day and check how i'm responding to it. Taper it down the final 2 weeks
W-1-8 Masteron @300mg/week
W-2-8 Trenbolone Ac @... (i'll hear you guys first)
W-9-12 Nolva @ 40/40/20/20 ED (PCT)

Thanks in advance. Please correct me if i wrong in something. i'll keep this updated.

PS: I'll get my bloodwork done when i have everything ready to start the cycle. :wink:

EDIT: grammar mistakes...


Ups, Test @350-400mg/week.

Sorry for the typo.


For many users, running low test with tren seems to help with the tren sides. You should find your "sweet spot" by adjusting the test / tren ratio. Many people suggest to start with 200mg test and if you dont get any sides from tren then you can try to up your test to a amount suitable for you.
You don't know until you try, every body is different..

I would also start letro with lower dose, 0.5mg EOD.



Yes, that's probably more letrozole than needed.

Also there's no need to run tamoxifen or Clomid while running a suitable dose of letrozole.


Ok guys, Thanks for the advice.

Now, what about tren usage? I'm starting to think that i should use only Test+Mast for this cycle (having my sport specific goals in mind).

I'm believing that i'll still gain a lot of strength, get a lot more ripped and gain a nice amount of muscle with just those 2 compounds. But in your experience, can i add something else to make this cycle even better? (Thinking on my goals again).

The thing that scares me the most is having a limp dick on this cycle =/

BTW, regarding to the letro: I'll go for 0.5mg EOD and keep it until 2 weeks after the last steroid injection, does that sound ok?



No need to add any other compounds. You'll see if you need more letro but otherwise that sounds ok.


Ok, but to end with the letro thing:

I should take 0.5 mg EOD from Day 1 until the last injection am i right? Then what? Keep with 0.5mg EOD until when?


Maybe I missed it, but do you run the risk of being tested at your level? Just curious because if they do test you guys, and you get caught, you will definately be out. Something else to think about but still would be important I think...


Thanks for thinking on that pal :wink:

But sadly in my country you can`t get caught since doping tests are never done. Not even on the national championships. This may be why a lot of guys are obviously juicing like there is no tomorrow.


Hmm. It seems that letro will not be available any time soon. It is just very expensive.

I'm going for anastrozole @1.5mg EOD Does that sound fine?

Also, since letro isn't available i'm doing the stardard PCT of nolva @40/40/20/20

And sadly i couldn't find any masteron available.

So i'm thinking on 2 options:

1: A "only test" cycle, at 400mg/week. Frontloading the test (800mg for the first week, ED of course)

2: A 400mg test/week + a LOW dose of tren (150mg/week)

What do you think?


Where are you getting those doses? Good starting dose for adex is 0.25mg EOD.

Since this is your first cycle I would suggest you to run a test only cycle. Maybe use a bit higher dose.

By the way, where you from?



Well, in another thread of this site says that for every 100mg of test/week, 1mg of Adex should be used per week as well.


With my experience I would say Tren is a big no no unless you enjoy shortness of breath and the good ole Tren Cough. Just run some test dude, first cycle does not need to be extreme. Heck add some anavar with it to gain a little extra strength and help with staying lean.


Ok. no tren for me then...?

What about the adex usage? should i go with the 100mg test per 1mg adex rule? or start with 0.25mg EOD?



You should start with the 0.25mg EOD and increase if needed.