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My First Cycle, Advice Wanted


Ok I just turned 21 years old and have been doing nothing but research these last few months (haven't post just read). Basically i am running my first cycle and am wondering what to do for pct since my cycle if quite mild.

Stats- 6'2, 220 lb (abs are visible but blurry) started out weighing 150 lbs
Workout exp- Been hooked on bbing for the last 4 years, inlcuding a very serious diet of 8 meals a day, 300+ gs of protein, 4k + cals on off season
Bench- 300
DL- 430
Squat- 350 (sucks i know i am 6'2)

Why i want to- I have my first bodybuilding show coming up and i want to do as well as i possible can. I plan on doing a bulking cycle 8 weeks off and a cutting cycle.

First cycle - Sus250- 250 ml a week for 8 weeks. Shots E3D (I know ideally its everyday but its my first cycle and kinda nervous about needles)

Basically wondering what you guys think, I am doing such a low dosage because I plan on doing this for the rest of my BB career so i dont see a need in rushing, and i want to be able to slowly up the doses as i do more. So i dont want to start 500 ml a week cause then next cycle i will need 700 and then next one 800 and so on and so furth.


You don't need to keep using more and more each cycle to continue making gains.

With that said, sust is not really an ideal aas. If you have access to test enth I would highly advise you use that instead (if you are afraid of using needles, however I'd suggest that you overcome that asap).

I ran my first cycle when I was 20, 700mg of test prop a week (ed shots) with 50mg dbol every day.

I would advise 500-800mg of test enth a week with a 1g frontload..throw in winstrol for cutting or dbol for bulking.


Well first let me talk about the needles... umm anytime i get shots from the doctor i dont think its a big deal. In fact i never minded them, however my friend told me that steroid shots would likely hurt a lot more. Basically does the pain of the shots equal about the pain of a doctor shoting you in the ass.

And i bought the sus250 before i did most of my research so its to late now however i do wish i would have got enth. Also i bought dbol also but was wondering if i should take it on my first cycle at 40 mg a day for the first 4 week? I was thinking keeping the first cycle simple and throwing dbol with test on my next bulking cycle. Thought? And what type of pct would i need if i only did 250 ml of test for 8 weeks?


Why would you do only 250mg a week? Thats a high TRT dosage. It will still shut you down. Shut down=shut down... PCT will be the same as if you did a more productive cycle of 500mg a week... You do understand that sustanon will need to be used ED, or at least EOD, correct?


I see not that you said you know it should be ED although for some reason you are willing to still suggest E3d?

You should do it right, get over the fear. Its not bad unless you are retarded or get dirty gear or gear with a lot of BA, ect...

All my shit except one brand has been painless.


Sustan should be ED shots..the process of administering the shot doesn't hurt..it's a few hours after (because you just injected 1-3ml of fluid into your muscle) that you begin to feel pain.

I would definitely use the dbol, but would use it at the end of the cycle to bridge into pct..Also i hope you have adex on hand. Pct would be your standard 40/40/20/20 with an adex taper. I am not sure whe to begin pct wih sustan because of all the different esters in it.


Well basically i am trying to do the most mild dose i possibly can. And I heard BBers in the 90s used to just take 250 ml of test a week, and gain 15-20 lbs. How much more weight would it be possible to gain from a 250 ml does compared to a 500 ml. Also how would the side effects such as ache be?


Well for it to aline perfectly with my show. I need a short 8 week cycle, then i will have 8 weeks offs, then a 8 week cutting cycle and my show is at the end of that. So if i bridge the dbol wouldn't it be after the 8 weeks of test? So if i use dbol it would be to jumpstart the cycle. But I am worried a bit about the water retension from the dbol, want to look good this summer for the ladies :wink:


You'll get over your fear of the needle quick. I was nervous as fuck the first time and it was nothing. In fact it's less painful when I do mine than when I get shots from the docs. Just take your time and relax.


No, bridge into pct..like if you were using test prop you would have to wait 3-4 days after your last shot to start pct, but you could keep using dbol until pct started because it has a half life of like..5-7 hours.


ooooh i see what your saying... the half life of sus i believe is 2 weeks. So your saying basically this is i understand it correctly

Week 1-8 Test
Week 6-10 dbol?

The half life of sus250 is 2 weeks if i remember correctly.


Sustanon has 4 different half lives.

You need to do more research. And please learn the difference between a milliliter and a milligram.


yes I am aware there are 4 different half lives, however i remember reading the latest was 2 weeks, and after the latest half life is when i start taking pct.


Why? ''half''lfe.. you get it? HALF.