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My first contest

Well, after 17 weeks of preparation my first contest is tomorrow. I passed my polygraph test this morning and am taking my urine test tonight. I am competing at 228 whic is about 14 pounds lighter than I was hoping for, but hopefully good enough for my first time out. I have learned so much about diet and training from this site so I hope to represent T-men well. I will post back and let everyone know how it went after the show. I will try and get some pics up at some point. Thanks T-mag!!

Jason B: I wish you the BEST of luck tomorrow! I understand how hard it is to prepare for these contests - and definitely inform us as to how well you do!

Well, I ended up third in the Novice Tall Division. I needed to be leaner, but I was happy for my first time out. It is very scary to be up on stage for the first time. I am looking forward to competing again though and will probably do it again next May. I am posting a website I made with some pictures from the morning pre-judging if the moderator will let the link through. I will have pics from the night show up in a few weeks once we finish the roll off in Cancun next week and get it developed. I am in the black trunks on the left in all of the pics. Here is the link:
http://jasonsbodybuilding. freehomepage.com/photo.html

I hope to take what I learned this time and perfom much better next time. I am just glad to have the first show out of the way and can’t wait to do it again.

From a fellow Husker to another…congratulations! I had forgotten that your show was this weekend, otherwise I would’ve made arrangements to come see it…it was in IA right? Well done, and keep up the good work. Maybe someday I’ll be right up there with ya!

Congrats on surviving your first compettion. You had the mass, you just needed to come in a little harder. Keep it up!!

Great start, especially in the traps and midback. Keep up the good work, and congrats!

FINALLY! I get to post on this. Been so busy with the first day of Fall term and all. Anyways, good job! One thing that would help you to come in harder, is to pose, pose, pose! I usually begin 12-weeks out from a contest. I practice posing AND hold poses during my workouts (between sets). Makes a huge difference.

Again, great job and good luck next time, too!

I am guessing the guy in the royal blue trunks won? ROFL

Not bad, not bad at all. 228, huh? Just out of curiosity, how tall are you, and what were your measurements (if you know) at the contest?

I am 6-5. I started out at 278 in April and got down to 228 for the show. My measurements are roughly as follows currently: calves 17 3/4, thigh-26 1/4, waist 34 1/2, chest-50, forearm- 13 1/2, bicep- 18 1/4, neck- 18. I lost about 1/2 inch on all of my measurements except about 5-6 inches on waist, 4 inches on chest, and actually gained an inch on thighs.