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My first contest support group

I started preparation yesterday for my first bodybuilding contest in September. September 28 to be exact. I have my plan in place, using a lot of the principles from this site. I have discussed several aspects of my diet plan with Cy Willson, and using his advice have made a few tweaks to my plan. The contest has banned pro-hormones so I am going to be using MRP’s, protein powder, T-2 Pro, MD-6, ZMA, Methoxy, Surge, and creatine at various stages of my 17 week endeavor. I don’t think I will change much regarding my workouts except adding cardio slowly, and monitoring my weight levels closely to ensure I am not losing to quickly and backing off cardio slightly if I am. The core of my diet will be 1.5 grams of protein per pound a day, slowly decreasing carbs to 100g/day ,and fats to 25g/day on Cy’s recommendations. I am starting my carb number at 188g and fat number at 86g based on some other calculations with careful care that the only carbs I take in after my mid morning snack are post workout. I will be drinking 1-1 ½ gallons of water a day at minimum. My training split is legs, chest and tris, back and traps, and shoulders and bis. I am also using Ian Kings 12 weeks to amazing abs program. I am on my second day and will try to provide updates and maybe get some pictures up from time to time to monitor my progress. I am going to lean on the board for support, as physically I have no doubts about making it 17 weeks on a strict diet and workout programs, but mentally I am sure will be a different story. I am 6-5, 265 pounds @ ~12% bodyfat. I am hoping to compete at between 237-242. I am hoping to take all I have learned from T-mag and turn it into a successful program. Thanks ahead of time for all of your support.

Hey, Jason B: congrats and I wish you good luck! I remember prepping for my first contest: so many years ago with no T-Mag forum to lean on. The forum is so great to have around, ain’t it?!

Where is your contest? What contest is it? With no prohormones allowed, it is drug-tested, right? Looks like you have a sound program in order: cool!

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Good luck Shorty!

Here for ya, man. Keep a copy of your contest application posted where you can see it all the time. When the motivation gets low, just look at that ap and get the fire burning again. 18 weeks can be a long haul, but with the goal firmly planted in your psyche, it’ll be a snap.

Hey Jason, what show are you doing? Is it that one in Council Bluffs? I’m in GI and I’d like to go to that one (as a spectator). It would be very cool to see a fellow T-Dawg compete. Went to the Heartland and the finalists in the open were pretty damn good…I can’t believe they gave it to a guy from CA though. I didn’t even think he had the best physique. Good luck and let me know what show it is!

you want support,well,you got it!here’s some tips that should help you,they helped a lot in my competitige days.first,you didn’t mention posing in your letter.i would advise you to seek out in your area ,a personal trainer or gym owner who has a few titles(an old friend of mine in new york is a mr.universe and owns a golds for example).let them advise you on a routine and start to practice it now.it will make you look better on stage and it will also help to make your physique harder.remember to video yourself as well so as to see any poses that need work.if the placings are too close too tell after the prejudging the winners and the guys who just place can sometimes be determined by your evening performance,so be ready.secondly,try what ever carb loading protocol your going to use to see how it effectd you,well before the show.this will help you zero in at showtime.too many guys don’t(myself included when i started),and we end up looking better the day after the show,not good!you also can never be too tan,as the stage lights will be bright.lastly,no matter how you place,remember this is just the start,it takes a lot of balls just to do a show.your already ahead of the game just by doing this.a good way to improve for the future is even if you win,after the show is over,go over and in a friendly manner ask the judges what they reccomend you need to improve for your next show.most judges are glad to do this and the advise you get can be priceless.just keep the great attitude you already possess and you’ll do fine.by the way where is the show,as most of us attend these events,and you might get some extra help from the audience, if your known to them.

Thanks all. Yes, Monte, it is the CB show. I was at the Heartland also, it was the first show I’d been to and it was awesome. As far as posing I know a few guys from the gym who have competed and a girl at work that was Ms. Iowa a few years ago and got her pro card, so I can ask her for help. I am looking forward to it. I have been able to seek out a lot of input. I especially can’t thank my man Cy enough! Thanks again everyone!!

Hey, you guys said Council Bluffs right? are we talking about Iowa? I grew up in Glenwood, small world huh.

I grew up in Glenwood too. Graduated high school in 1989.

Sure are, Teela. I’m 2.5 hrs. away from there but I attended Briar Cliff College in Sioux City for a spell.

Good luck on your first contest. Damn I remember mine and how I was nervous and all that shit. What a blast it was. Let us know how you do. You do need to work a little harder on adding some size to your small frame, you big son-of-a-bitch. Stay focused,man and you will do fine. The bug gets another one. Also congrats on going drug free.

I am from Glenwood too. Class of 89.

Well Jason I graduated 10 years later than you in 99. Are you still around Glenwood? Being such as small town I most likely would know who you are. Also, best of luck on the show. I admire the time, effort and dedication it takes to do a show!

Graduated in 1976. Damn yall(I,m from Alabama) make me feel like an old fart. Oh, well going to the gym, later al you young smart asses!!!

My dad was mayor for a while so that would most likely be how you would know me. I dated some girls that would have graduated in 1995 and was friends with a girl that graduated in 1996, probably a few people you would know.