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My First Comp

I decided to enter my first bikini comp, not going to lie - it was tough. I went down to about 11.5% body fat, I was really happy with the end result. The only thing is, i wouldve liked to have my abs show more. I found that when i went on bfl eating (which consisted of carbs and protein at most of the meals) my abs were showing much more than when i went on a just protein diet. Is it possible that people adapt better with a carb and protein diet?

Anyway I am busy prepping for my second comp which is on the 25th Sep.

Would love to hear your advise.

Images from my first comp.

Sorry, not sure how to add more than just 1 photo at a time.

Great Job. Good luck on your next comp.

Great work! Good for you.
Low carb eating is not the type of eating followed by all figure competitors.

Tough crowd. I think way higher than 5.8.

Very nice, what is the time frame between the photos? Also what is your diet like?

I think you look GREAT!!

Great transformation - you look great! I’m about to do a CKD diet will let you know how that goes, for someone with your low body fat look at TKD.

You look great. I’m curious is there a difference between a physique competition and a bikini comp?