My First Bulk

178 cm, 87,5 kg. Up 25 kilos since November 2006.

Lifts, all for five reps - I haven’t properly tested maxes: deadlift 151 kg, bb hack squat 141 kg, military press 55 kg.

More pics coming including a “before”.

Edit: I’m looking for feedback, certainly not for a good rating. I know nobody looks good after a 25-kilo all-out bulk, and I know this isn’t “rate my progress” or “rate my willingness to get fat”.

Front double biceps… yeah, I know I’m probably not posing right.

From the side, relaxed, so I can get some feedback on my posture as well.

Relaxed, for comparison with the “before” photo which I’ll post next.

Finally, the before photo taken in November 2006, about seven weeks before my 32nd birthday. This is at 62,5 kilos after years of working a desk job, avoiding all exercise, eating as much as I wanted and drinking beer every day. My metabolism really is that fast.

I log my workouts in the Bodybuilding forum (started in the Beginners forum but the thread got moved to Bodybulding when the Beginners forum was temporarily joined with it) but I basically stick to simple stuff and minimal equipment. I don’t bench because that’s very tough on my left shoulder - I had a broken collarbone and it was never set, leaving it a few centimeters shorter than it should be.

My diet could be described by some combination of the words “eat”, “just” and “fucking”. I just stuff myself every 2-3 hours and always include meat, milk or nuts to get some protein in there. No supplements.

You should have kept the lean, weak yet ripped Beckham shape…why did you fk that up? You were closer to sexiest man in 2006! LOL

Good job on the bulk, I wouldt cut yet if I were you.

Maintain weight and keep working on strength or gain weight slower. I think you would be disapointed it if you cut now. You put on some muscle but with a stupid cut you can strip off almost all of it. Besides the fact you wont be puting on muscle while you cut most likley.

I can see a difference on your thighs and traps. Otherwise everywhere else looks like its just fatter rather than bigger overall.

And lose the boner.

I like it, the tash gets smaller as you get bigger, its like some kind of offsetting scheme gone crazy.

Thanks for the feedback (and the ribbing).

I’ve got no intention of cutting anytime soon but I’ll definitely gain mass slower, if only because I need a break from a life which revolves around eating. And yeah, some of my muscles have barely grown at all…

You looked like you added pretty good size and didn’t get too fat while doing it. Keep doing what you are doing.

most impressed by the transformation from tighty whiteys to boxer briefs.

good move.

Another fine addition to “Rate My penis.”
All joking aside, i guess if your goal was to just put on weight of any sort and get as strong as possible than you’ve succeeded, but you probably should have waited a while longer before posting pics in this section. you’d probably get better advice and less grilling if you posted in the performance/physique forum. Either way, those glutes look like they could crack walnuts…

[quote]JMajor wrote:
Either way, those glutes look like they could crack walnuts…[/quote]
Really? They don’t look like Synthol?

lower body development looks good…
upper body does not. especially ur arms

u have a looooong way to go…but keep it up and you’ll get there if you do what needs to be done

I’ll pretty much keep doing what I’ve been doing, then, but do more upper-body than lower-body exercises. It’s been almost 50/50. Does that sound reasonable?

with your frame i would focus like crazy on those delts

looking thick and… like… robust… dude

looking kinda american history X too

[quote]schultzie wrote:
looking kinda american history X too[/quote]
Hahaha, I got a date next weekend with a girl who’s really into Ed Norton.

i would def up the upper body volume… especially concentrating on delts and lat width

whats kinda training have u been doing? A split may be good for this goal… check CT’s HSS -100 and then check out the HSS-100 with the back specialization