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My First Bulk- Too Much Fat?

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I think you did very well on your bulk probably a little under 20lbs of fat gained tho. But for 3 months that is alot of muscle.

Keep bulking cut your claories back for a few weeks so you can maintain the weight and maybe harden up a bit by burning some fat and replaceing it with muscle. Then just bulk around 1+lb a week.

Watch your waist if it gets bigger lower the calories and keep on trucken.

I gained about 3" on my waist in about 10 weeks when I first started bulking and I had only gained about 20lbs but since then my waist has been more or less the exact same size and I have gained 36lbs since then.

It works its self out when you stick to one goal. Work hard and in 8 months you will look back and be very with what you did with the year.

Thanks for the info. Did you make any diet or training changes between the first 10 weeks and the 36 lb. gained afterwards? I’m asking because you said you didn’t get much fat w/ the 36 lbs…

Nope nothing at all, I did start eating a little more often but thats just because I got hungry more often.

Also I actualy I lost some size off my waist and gained 36lbs. But this is due to cutting out the majority of my junk food later in the day when ever I started to gain to much fat.

Lets say you start off with a extra 1000 cals more than you usualy eat with your bulk your diet consisting of a good bit of junk food pop tarts etc mixed with whole food. You eat the same food and meals every day.

In 10 weeks you gain 2" on your waist and 20lbs and you decide you want to lose 1"off your waist so you can repeat the process without getting to fat. You move your junk food to breakfast and postworkout and push your carbs into the first half of the day and move your beef chicken etc into the later part of the day. Then over 3 weeks or so you lean out while still getting to eat the foods you love. You wouldnt lose strength or muscle infact you would probably gain some from the extra energy before your workouts… This is assumeing you lift earlier in the day.



That’s interesting that you wrote that since today I was pointed to CT’s Carb Cycling article ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=811783 ), which is kinda along the same lines as what you just wrote about. I think my biggest problem with the “bulk” was its lack of dietary structure.

I trained really well and had some good strength and muscle gains, but my diet was essentially the “see food” diet. The carb cycling article makes pretty good sense, and most of all, it will give me structure while fixing some of my problems (too much food on off days and nutrient timing).