My First Bulk, Am I Gaining Too Fast?

Hello all,

2 weeks ago I started my first official (clean) bulk. I am 5’9" and when I finished my cut I was 150lbs. I weighed myself today exactly 2 weeks into the bulk and I have gained about 7 or 8lbs. I always weigh myself first thing in the morning before I eat so I know that it is consistent. Is this too much to gain in the first 2 weeks. I have read that 2lbs per week is the most I should be gaining. Is it possible that most of this could be water retention?

I am eating about 3000 calories per day 30/50/20 p/c/f. Should I roll the calories back a couple hundred or should I just keep going and assume that this is just my body adjusting to the drastic change in calories?

Any insight or advise would be much appreciated!

I agree with you its more than likely water retention, 3000 calories isn’t a tremendous amount of calories. I would keep doing what your doing and if it looks like your gaining to much fat compared to muscle then maybe I would scale back the calories a little but not too much.

It’s fine, stuff as much food down as you can, the end result is much better than trying to be lean while gaining weight, my opinion… not to mention the drastic change you see at the gym, and muscles bulging out of every direction, that is motivation!!.. or you could cut down, keep your wikked six pax and see a terribly slow gain.

I’ve tried the slow gain in the past… pointless to be honest. Just recently i’ve been eating more than i can handle and be gaining strength/size that even i can notice everytime i look in the mirror. Of course i have my little keg but who cares? Once i cut down ( if ever, i like being strong ) i’ll look bigger and will be bigger than going to lean way, unless you’re a genetic freak like some of the lucky people out there.