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My First Biosignature Modulation


I first heard about it on here but as i wasnt really going for size or strength at the time and wasnt too fussed about aesthetics i never really paid too much attention to it. I was doing some form of cardio 5 days a week for 2 years, interval training/steady state/sprints/football/boxing and only really got into weight lifting and resistence training in the last few months, i like to think my knowledge is good, ive had the advantage of being able to learn alot of physio/anatomy theory and enjoy learning the scientifics behind it.

i got good results with muscle build fairly quickly but theres always more to learn and acheive. While at the gym i saw that one of the personal trainers was qualified in biosignature so i decided to get it done, my results were:

Chin: 7mm
Cheek: 11.2mm
Pectoral: 12.8mm
Triceps: 7.6mm
Subscapular: 18.2mm
Mid-Axillary: 10mm
Supra-Illiac: 19mm
Umbilical: 24.9mm
Knee: 5.6mm
Medial Calf: 12.2mm
Quadriceps 8.9mm
Hamstrings 23mm

He told me my priorities were Umbilical, Hamstrings, Supra-Illiac, Subscapular and Pectoral in that order, and to be honest i agree with the umbilical and supra-illiac as it leaves alot of room for improvement!.

I'm 19, 171cm, 68Kg and have cut out my cardio completely and replaced it with faster more intense workouts consist of 6-8 reps and 3 sets mostly, split routine 5 days a week with a few days with overlapping muscle groups. I guess my goal is muscle gain but to also lose some fat. I've cut out most of my carbs but cant really completly nail my routine for exercise/nutrition down until i move back to university.

I take Reflex Tri-Matrix before a workout, and either Metabolic Drive/Maximuscle Cyclone Post workout. Any comments and constructive criticism on any aspect of this and especially the biosignature would be appreciated :).


No offence intended, but you'd do well to lose a lot of fat in general before worrying about Biosig for specific issues/sites. All of your fat sites are pretty high right now. Cutting out the carbs everywhere except the workout window is a great first step. Eat well, document everything and train hard for a few months and you should lose fat from all the sites.


i thought the results were surprisingly high considering im actually quite toned i mean other then the stomach area its not clear i have much fat, im only 15% body fat at the moment, it was just an aim to get it down to under 10%