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My First Bench Shirt.


I am looking at getting my first bench shirt but am confused on what to get. Im thinking about a Standard Inzer denim bench shirt, or "The Rage". Could anyone tell me if these are good choices, and if not suggest some.


Not based on what info you provided, no.

What fed will you be competiting in?
Where do you fail on a 1RM?
How’s your lockout strength?
How much do you arch?
Do you press straight up or angled back over the face?

Admittedly, in a shirt some answers will change out of necessitity over what you do unequipped. However, are you looking for more pop off the chest or a moderate boost all the way thru?


Well, right now im not competing, im just looking to get stronger in my shirt until I do compete. My 1RM is about 295. Right now my lockouts could use improvement, but there ok, I have a slight arch, and I am not sure what will be better for me. I guess all the way thru.


Gotta be an Titan F6 imo.

Really easy shirt to learn, and you can get ALOT out of them.


I second Titan, although I like the Fury better.

IMO, Titan make the best shirts to learn in, and you can use the very same shirt and pimp it out to get some sick pop and carry through.


Ok, that sounds good. Can you guys reccomend a site to buy one of these shirts.




[quote]robo1 wrote:


+1 to both sites

I’ve used PLgearonline once and got perfectly good service, but I prefer to use liftinglarge.com now because shipping costs to Ireland are MUCH less.

Mike and Teale @ liftinglarge couldn’t be more helpful when it comes to answering questions too.


Ok, thanks alot.


I used the gopainclinic guys too with success.