My First Bench Meet

Today I lifted in the charity bench meet at my school festival. Got 275, then 285 and attempted 315. Missed 315, then tried 'er again off the books and was too fried to get 300 for a fifth attempt. They were all meet PR’s obviously, but 285 bested my training PR by 10. I weighted in a couple pounds shy of 240.

It was a small informal meet. It was my first time in a competitive setting and I loved it. I think I’ve got 315 in the bag for my next meet and already learned alot. I was tighter then I’ve ever been, as evidenced by how tired my back and lats are.

Anyway, just thought I’d share, and try to get everyone who thinks they want to try a meet but are too afraid/insecure, whatever to go to just jump in and have fun.


You did more than most you stepped up and did it. Had something you wanted to do and made it happen.

Let us know how it goes in the future,

Good for you.

GOOD JOB!!! congrats on your first meet, which is always the UGLIEST!! timing lifters, nervous gitters- your got that one out of the way and ready for more.

I dont know what you placed, but it doesnt matter, you PR’d, remember the mindset that the whole meet is on for JUST YOU!!

You place doesnt matter because, everyone is a winner- that sounds cheesey but is true, I always say that “you dont fail NOT getting the desired result, you FAIL not trying” - you tried and did great.

Now its time to write down your goals where you can see them and attack new PR’s, keep up the training.


I know how it is to go in a competitive setting and whoop on your training PR. A couple weeks ago i was drunk at this party and there was a bench out in this guy’s garage with about 225 on it. Of course all the drunk guys wanted to take a crack at it, and when i got up there i had all this nervous adrennaline and completely annihilated my old rep PR…and the entire field as well! I always work out alone so having people watching just put a serious charge in me or something.