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My First BB Competition Prep

Let’s see how much I recollect from the stickied thread:

Age: 19
Training: Started weight training July '10
Weight: 141, BF 17.3% not to say it’s accurate, just looking for a downward trend using the same tool
Uh-oh what else…

Oh, training stats:
Squat: 225 x 1
Deadlift: 250 x 1
Bench Press: 145 x 1
Military Press: 95 x 8

I’m doing a chest/arms, legs, back/shoulders split to hit everything twice a week.
I have 4 pics only, really wasn’t expecting to take pics in the middle of the day today, but I didn’t want to put it off any further since I’m not able to do it tomorrow as I planned

To be honest, I don’t know what I want from this thread. Honest feedback, critique, and just to hold myself accountable. My journal doesn’t keep me accountable enough. So the feedback of people here, whether positive or negative (I’m expecting more negative than anything with these pics lol), I think it’s what I need. I just need fresh eyes and new voices.

Anyway, pics…

Can I combine the wheels pics with this? They’re not deserving of their own pic anyway :slight_smile:

Rear lat spread


For fun… calves! :slight_smile:

I gotta get the tricep and rear double bi pose in next time.

You look fantastic, I know this isn’t SAMA but I wanted to get in on the ground floor and tell you how amazing you look :slight_smile: I’ll have something more serious to contribute soon.

[quote]Nikki9591 wrote:
My journal doesn’t keep me accountable enough.

What do you mean by this sorry?

[quote]XanderBuilt wrote:

[quote]Nikki9591 wrote:
My journal doesn’t keep me accountable enough.

What do you mean by this sorry?[/quote]

My log doesn’t require me to make progress physique-wise. I figure that in this forum, that matters the most, so I’ll have the added pressure of working hard to show progress in this thread.

And thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me =)

You look muuuuch thicker than me at the same weight (it’s a good thing). How tall are you? I’m interested in seeing how your legs lean out. How far out will you start cutting?

Oh, and LATS! Lats lats lats.

lats lats lats lats.

actually, pretty much everything looks good, just work in more back stuff… i can even see some decent hamstrings in there.

damn you people with calves.

I knew I forgot something, I’m 5’0.
I officially start my cut in March.

My areas of focus are my back and triceps, so I’ll post what I do.

Barbell Row
Lat Pulldowns
Cable Row or T-Bar Row
HS Iso-Row Machine

Just started doing pullover presses
Cable pressdowns (rope or bar)
A Tricep extension (overhead, cable kickback or skullcrusher)

Anything I need to do add/omit? Or should I start working on them 3 times a week?

I want to encourage you, but I personally think May might be a little optimistic for a strong showing at a BBlding show. Why don’t you begin leaning out, and get down to a much lower body fat percentage so you can see what your body will look like? Often times weak points are not as obvious when body fat is still on your muscles…

Just my two cents. Plus, you need to learn how to pose. Have you read the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding?

The wife is impressed, lol. Pointers as said before, lats and shoulders. =)

As already said, lats, shoulder but also from the looks a bit more hamstrings. It looks like your quads are dominating your legs.

You’d probably be able to diet down for a figure comp nicely. You’ve got a good base and knowing your training log have the heart to get there.

Check out local shows, talk to some other competitors for posing advice and such.

Thank you Bear, I’m going to start giving my back(stuff) more attention.

Well, idowhatican, I can spot weak points from now so that can’t be a good thing.

Thanks tatsu, and tatsu’s wife :slight_smile:

I had a short amount of time to train this morning, so did a hamstrings and back workout.
This is the pic after some pull-ups and such.

My quads grow easily, even when cutting they gained a 1/4 inch. But I’ll switch the priorities, and start lower body with hamstring work.

This is one more pic that I left out from yesterday

Lats and shoulders, for sure. Are you interested in BB or in Figure? Your front side is more developed than your back side…

Back, back, back!!! Hammer the shit out of it. Once you get contest lean you should definitely be placing well in the first competition you enter as long as you get that back up. Regardless, looking good.

ummm…can I have your calves? my 7 year old daughter has the same size calves as me.

Yeah, come to think of it, that’s right. My chest, biceps and quads are superior to everything else

Uhm, I want to compete in BB, but I’m getting mixed responses.
Women who actually compete in BB tell me not to do Figure because of my legs and I’m made for BB, and others who never competed (or aren’t females at all) tell me to do Figure.
But right now I’m not taking opinions on what I should do, I plan to compete in BB.

Thanks Austin B, definetely hitting the back harder right now.

Ha Matty, at least I have the calves going for me. I’ll trade my calves for a wicked taper right now though.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, if it wasn’t obvious, this is going to be my progress thread.
I know that I have a lot of work to do, but I’m confident nonetheless.
Updated pics on Friday