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My first ANDROSOL Cycle.

I’m now at 167lbs. I can’t beleive it.
It’s a 9.5lbs gain in 13 day. I will expend my cycle a other week. I wish take other 5-6 lbs this week.
My secret is: << I eat a lot of good food( meat,fruit & vegetable>> & << I wake up the nigh (2H AM)& I drink a 25gram of protei9n shake>>

Have a nice day


I will take a pic soon

Anyone know if 2cap 2X/DAY (For 22 days) will be OK after my 3 week on androsol ?

I’m now at 170.5 lbs & I’m starting to take tribex 2 cap/day for 22day.
I finish the andrsosol cycle monday.


Byp0, you have or are about to complete a three week cycle on Androsol. Now here is what a I want to know. Are you taking 70 sprays twice a day? Because man, almost 10 LBS in two weeks that is AWESOME! And then another 3 LBS in the third week. AMAZING! IT is working like a minor steroid would. I would like to see a pic as soon as possible. And how long do you plan to cycle off for? And on what, just Tribex? Or Methoxy too?

DeeMan : I’m taking 60 spay twice a day.I decided to finish the cycle more soon (yestrerday) because I was strechted the tricep’s tendon. I just work the lower body for the last 4 day. I HATE THIS ! I tried to work the upper body without success. Now I take 2 tribex cap 2Xday, no methoxy. I really wish to keep a lot of gain, I don’t want weight less than 167.
I will take a pic soon but the I’m just at the pic 6/24 with my kodak.

I think That my success is the fact that I cutted the protein powder all sumer & I started to take it 4 week ago.

I need to prepare for school ! Bye


Byp0, I would like your before (cycle) and after (cycle) pics. Your gains sound great, so I would love to see some pics bro, get back to me and by the way how are you doing cycling off, keeping your gains?

I know a 17 year old that gained between 10-12 pounds each time on two seperate cycles. Not all was muscle but most was. Not too bad.

DeeMan , I doN,t have the pics now. I’m at 8/24 with my kodak. IT’S SURE that I will show the pic to you soon. I will cycle off all the time that my tricep tendon with not be right.

Have a nice day !

The staff of my gym took my measurements today.
It’s a comparison, before the cycle & after the cycle.
[Bicep B-14¾" A-15"][Chest B-38 A-40½][Waist B-30 A-34 (oops)][thigh B-20½ A-22][Calf B-14 A-15]My body fat (with the futrex) was 9.2% & is now 9.8% ! I was 157 lbs & i’m now 169-171lbs !
Consider that I don’t have train upperbody since 8 day. Just leg & abd.

Have a nice day !
I will do a other cycle when my tricep tendon will be OK !


I’m now planning to start my other cycle Sunday ! :slight_smile: With the GVT(without training tricep…) I’m not at 167lbs. I’m losing a little of fat by reducing my calorie intake.
I feel beter. I’m very exciting, I wish to gain a other 10 lbs.
I will also take a before & after pic.
Sorry I doN’t have the other pics… I’m not a big photograper, I’m again at 8/24 with my film. It’s sure taht I will do a web page with the pic when I will finish the film.
Have a nice day !


It’s “I’m NOW at 167lbs” & not " I’m not at 167lbs"


This morning I was at 171lbs (4lbs in 4 day) Very nice. I will have pic of this cycle & the cycle before when I will finish this cycle.
I wish to wieght 177lbs at the end of this cycle.


I am still at 171lbs. I hate that, I want to reach 177lbs!