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My first ANDROSOL Cycle.

Today I start my 1st androsol cycle.
I do 60Spray twice a day. I’m 18 . I will give you all my mesure soon. I 've also take a pic two minute ago & I will take a other after the cycle.

All the summer I stopped to take protein powder & I re-start the protein 1 week ago. I beleive that this change will help me to gain more lean mass.

Pardon me for asking, but what the hell does an 18 year old
need “Androsol” for? I think you should have at least waited
few years until your own “T” started to decline a bit! Face it man,
at “18” your body is already a walking “Androsol Factory!”
Now I’m the one who needs the F@#&!ng “Androsol”
I’m well over 30, and my “T” has declined BIG TIME! Please excuse
me for my unsolicited advice, but if you buy a 2 month supply of
“Methoxy” and use it as directed, train heavy, eat like a pig,
and get 8 hours of sleep a night, I guarantee you’ll gain 10-lbs
of solid muscle before the end of the cycle! ::::----::::

I understant your opinion.
I will try it anyway…
I will give you result in 2 weeks.

actually ,joey z., his T levels are lower now yet they are increasing to adult levels. the increase in T is what gives teens our advantage its not that our levels are higher

I applaud your decision to use Androsol! In order to maximize your gains, I recommend eating 4,000 calories, making sure at least 1,000 of which come from protein. Here are some good sources of protein, listed in order of importance: cottage cheese, skim milk, Advanced Protein (from Biotest) or milk protein isolate (from The Protein Factory), fish, chicken, turkey, beef, ham.

Good luck!

Hi! I also did an androsol cycle sometime back when I was 17.5. I want to remind you that at tribex is a must when doing androsol. Not only will your gains be better, you will also be less prone to t-suppression after the cycle. If you can afford it, please take tribex for the two weeks you are on and if possible, use it after your cycle as well. ZMA would give the tribex an extra kick and add extra protection to your nuts from shrinking. And remember, to gain as much muscle as possible, gorge and pig out on protein-rich foods. You can get rid of the fat after the cycle with MD6.
Hope this helps.

Mike The Libertarian : Thank for your post ! I will est like a real pig. A eat many meat, chicken, skim milk , prolab Nlarge² protein,yoghourt fatfree, nuts soya cereal & egg & toast. I don’t eat any shit like chocolat , candy or anything without proein or good carbohydrate.

Kelvin : Thank for your help. I’m planning to take 1 bottle of tribex after my cycle 3cap 2 time a day. It’s not the full recommendation but I thing taht it will be good for a 157.5lbs guy.

Nice day at all !


how were your gains when you were 17?

Anyone know a place(website) where I can find the number of protein & calorie in fruit, meat (ox chopped), potato ect…

I’m now at the end of my 1st week of my 2 weeks cycle.I weight 161-162 lbs (3.5-4.5 lbs of gain). Nice gain.
Little acne on my back start grrrr…

Is English your first language?

shit, if someone is 18 (a legal adult believe it or not) and they know the risks, and train respectably and are fine with their height, then shit, let them take androsol. The preaching gets a bit out of hand on this board.

Nice gains so far, byp! Keep eating!

i gained about 5kg=11lbs. Unfortunately, not all is muscle. I would say about 80-85% muscle. But the last thing I would worry about on an androsol-bulking regime is gaining fat. And if you are also 17 and wanna try androsol, you should really read up on the articles in tmag as well as replies on this board and other Q&A boards to milk the most out of it.

Just a little question here. I wonder if younger guys like us would actually benefit more from a once-a-day-washoff-b4-10pm. Any thoughts regarding this?

Natt the Hat: I’m french.
I gained 3lbs, the week before i starting the androsol cycle, with only N-large to protein.
I feel very more big than before. (Little more fat also & my stengh really increased.

I will try to gain another 5 lbs in the last week.

I’ve 2 other bottleof androsol. :slight_smile:

PS. Eat 3-6 potato by day is a nice tip to gain mass !

normally I wash me 2 time a day. But on androsol I take a shower at 7 AM & spray the androsol after. Or a train at 8h:30 to 10h, take a shower & spray this after. For the second application I spray the androsol before sleeping (after I have fucking my girlfriend)at 10-11PM
I know my schedule is not perfect it’s because I want to keep that secret from my girlfriend.

I’m planning to do one more week on this cycle (do a 3 weeks cycle ).
What you think?
Any success stories ? or side effect ?


When I use Androsol, I never use it for less than 4 weeks in a row.

Keep us posted.