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My First Anaconda Experience


and also a couple questions......

I have to say I'm very excited with the immediate results. I had been taking -10 through +10 2 scoops of SWF followed by sipping 2 scoops of Surge Recovery. Hitting the gym with everything I have for 10 weeks straight and making great gains.

My first workout with protocol 2 I added 15 lbs to my 1RM deadlift (ramped with reps of 10,5,3,1,1,1). Could I have done it without Anaconda? Maybe...maybe not but I was VERY happy. I also concur with those who say the recovery between sets is amazing. I normally take longer than average rest periods, but was ready bang out more almost immediately.

My 2nd workout, without the Alpha GPC this time (added FINiBAR) I added 1 rep to my top set of DB shoulder press, then did another set the same, and then ANOTHER set the same where as I had been dropping the weight significantly after my top set. That's a ridiculous amount of added volume imo.

I'm very happy with Anaconda protocol 2 so far.

Q: I've been chugging the first serving during my foam rolling and then sipping the 2nd serving at the +10 mark to about +20. Should I be chugging the 2nd serving instead? I'd like to think the answer is "It doesn't matter" but just wanna make sure.

Q: How important is the Alpha GPC to the Anaconda protocol? I had great results on my 2nd workout without it.



Drinking your second serving over a 10 minute period is fine.

As you've experienced, you will have good results with all the other products, but they should be even better with Alpha-GPC since it allows for more forceful muscle contraction.