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My First 700 Deadlift

Who said tall guys can’t lift? I’ve been busting my ass all year to get my pull to a respectable number, and finally hit 700 last week through using a ridiculous volume program. I hear a lot of flack from guys saying I’m too tall to be a powerlifter… I do it because they said I can’t.

6’5", 260lbs, 23 years old.


Sorry I thought I was posting in the training log forum… Oops

nice lift man


Stats, trainining history, etc?

[quote]jasmincar wrote:

Stats, trainining history, etc?[/quote]

Thanks, 6’5", 260lbs, started lifting in 2010

Fucking right man!!! Awesome pull

very impressive.

my personal theory is that although maybe at a leverage disadvantage, tall people have a lot more room for muscle mass. so it evens out. Just a personal theory though

anyways, very impressive lift, that sort of number requires huge dedication and hard work. Way to go!

[quote]jasmincar wrote:

Stats, training history, etc?[/quote]

Nice. You’ll probably pull a lot more than this too, specifically given your height and age. A lot of tall guys end up pulling a lot. What are your bench and squat numbers?

Man that’s impressive af. Hope I can lift that in the future. I would usually complain about getting into position even thou I’m only 6" lol. What’s your hip position and all like cause I’m confused why I always pull with a rounded back.

For the deadlift if your arms are longer then height is not an issue, since how low you have to go down during the deadlift depends on your arm length. For the squats and the bench press it is different, usually if you’re tall you wouldn’t be able to lift as much.

Nice pull.

Your rom is my bench and deadlift’s combined lol.Very impressive pull

Damn, dude, that is freaking sick. Deadlift is by far my favorite lift, I am 6’4. I am curious though to hear what you have to say about your bench, because mine sucks and I hear all the time it is because of my long ass arms. (which help me in the deadlift, I also hear)