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My First 405lb Touch and Go Benchpress


Finally! I play college football and we started a 6 week power program. I finally got my first ever 405lb bench. Tell me what you all think!


Looked easy! Well done man.


Hahaha.... very smooth lift. What kind of routine do you run?


im jealous

how'd you get there?
what lifts do you think helped you get there?


looked pretty good, no handoff or anything. nice.


Strong as a bull man! Good Job! Share your experience leading up to the 405. Also, what college do you play for?


Thanks guys! I play for Lake Erie College, we are a newer division 2 program in Northeast Ohio. I play center for them.

The type of lifting program we are on is kind of a power/explosive hybrid. We run a 4 day split (monday,tuesday,thursday,friday) rotating lower,upper,lower,upper. Our mondays and tuesdays are the heavier weight lower rep days and our thursdays and fridays we do band assistance work. We will use bands on our benches, inclines, squats and deadlifts. Our strength coach had us on a progression starting at 3x12 working our way down to 5x2. Overall I feel the program has worked wonders incorporating bands and explosive training.

The only problem I see with the program now is the lack of plyometric training. We do plyo's once a week due to time constraints. This showed in our teams vertical jump testing. lol. But in the big scheme of things our team is running quicker and lifting heavier which is the goal of any college sports program.


Congrats man! I always found the big wheels the toughest hurdles to get over (135 back in the day, 225, 315, and then 405.)


Nice. You have a really narrow grip on that too. Must have really strong tris.


Awesome lift dude! Can't wait to get there someday. Sounds like you have a smart strength coach up there. Keep lifting hard!



Nice, and with the narrow grip typical of football players. I'm glad you guys take lifting seriously. I go to UK, who play in the freakin SEC, and we have multiple 275-300 pound lineman who can't do more than 3 reps at 275.


Are you serious? That's the last thing I would expect to hear.
Also, yes, I know that bench does not mean a lot in football, but it cannot hurt to be strong. (I had to say that in case anyone wanted to make that comment)


Its good to see that you have good coaches/trainers. It seems there is suck a lack of quality strength coaches out there nowadays. Even in D1 schools.