My First 405 Squat

This was the second single I did with it. So, I guess this is really my second 405 squat. Felt good, and I think my form held up pretty well for the percentage. Thoughts?

Looked deep and strong. Nice lift.

Much higher than my squat. I think I’ll hit that by spring from 345 at the moment. It looked like your hips were rising a little faster than you shoulders coming out of the hole which caused you to you half good morning it in the middle of the lift. What helps me with that problem is to imagine trying to push my hips forward underneath the bar while arching as hard as I can. A little bit of lower back rounding is occurring as you descend into the hole which might be why you’re having trouble getting your hips under the bar too. Either this is mobility related or you really need to focus on keeping a tight arch at the turnaround point of the lift.

Badass lift. I’d be ecstatic to have that by Christmas.

Nice. A suggestion: next time have your “filmer” walk over and get a shot of the 4 plates on each side. That would be irrefutable proof. Im sure you’re legit of course but Ive seen keyboard warriors film “315lb” benches from the side which really were 225 but you cannot tell from a straight side shot.
Again, nice lift, very deep

That looked rock-solid for a max effort to me. You ought to give Smolov a run, and turbo charge that fucker.

Not a damn thing wrong with that lift. Nice work.

Cool. Nice to know it looks OK.

Not sure about my back rounding… it is tough to tell from that angle with the plates blocking my lumbar.

Also not sure about Smolov just yet :slight_smile:

I am going to stick to Texas Method training for a while, and at some point rerun the Russian Squat Cycle with half back and half front squatting. I did it before with just front squats and saw a 10% increase in 6 weeks, which I was able to sustain. Here is link if anyone is unfamiliar:

It really does work.

Thanks again for the feedback.

You are spot on about sustainability, Smolov is indeed a peaking cycle. But I’d bet my next paycheck you could hit 445 a week after the first 18 day base cycle–more likely 455. It’s a pretty big confidence booster, you ought to give a run sometime for shits and grins. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I would like to run Smolov at some point. It is definitely on my “shits and grins” list, along with Super Squats.

[quote]burt128 wrote:
Not a damn thing wrong with that lift. Nice work.[/quote]

very deep. nice squat, good work.

i don’t post too often because usually when i do it is something critical(so i’m trying to learn to keep my mouth shut).

But after watching your squat i logged on just to say AWESOME job!!!
I’m guessing your not juiced up, nor do you look like you’ve been blessed with a build made for squatting, so i imagine you have put in some hard work.
Absolutely loved the depth. Your a good 4 or 5 inches below most meet video’s i’ve seen. I know i don’t go that low, which is embarressing to say but your video is good motivation.


Nice man. Only suggestion, and its only a suggestion, get your elbows under the bar. Your upper back rounded just a little bit. Pushing your elbows forward will fix that. It’s not anything too drastic but that could add 5lbs or more to your squat.

Very nice squat, congrats.

Ass to freaking grass! Very nice!

Excellent work looks great!

I was expecting high and sloppy. Congrats man, nice squat. You have a ton left there if you can get some spotters.


That’s a legit squat man, real deep, nicely done.