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My First 12 Week Cycle

Hi, I have been doing some studies on how to deal with gears for the past couple years, I am currently 25 yo and I have decided to go on a cycle next year when I get back from my grad trip. I have been on a calorie deficit since June 1st and decided to reverse diet when new years hit, then continue to be on a conservative surplus (300 cal+ @3300cal ±) till I get to Asia. Then change the game up right when I come back.

Here is what I have planned according to the newbie guide. Made a few minor tweaks.

W 1-10 Test P 100mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)

PCT Option 1 (SERM PCT)
W 12.43 (3 days after last 100mg of Test P) Lectro 20mg 2x/d or Clomid 50mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Lectro 20mg/d or Clomid 25mg/d

Here are some questions I have:
Is the time between each 100mg of test p too far apart?
on my pct, will lectro be an overkill or should i just stick with clomid?

any comments are welcomed!


if “lectro” means letrozole then I certainly wouldn’t be running 20mg a day of it. If it’s not letro then I’ve never heard of it