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My First 100kg Push Press

Crap week personally and professionally. So I snuck a full body workout in on my night off.

Done this along with other things.
Sure its ugly, and I missed the first attempt, and I only managed 1 rep. But its the first time I’ve had 100kg overhead.

Very happy.

EDIT: Language alert. I’m a bit sweary.


Doesn’t matter… you got it. Well done man!

I must have missed part. When hit the 3rd rep this morning all my neighbors heard… F yeah!!! I :joy:
Congrats on the PR!

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My c bomb is hidden by my kids counting. But it’s there.


Haha I thought that’s where it was. Little one has your back though, well timed censoring. Nice work man.

Yeah man. I swear when I lift. In fact I swear ALOT. It’s not like I’m proud of it but its who I am. And get up there you **** is very common.

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No judgements here man. I have a pretty foul mouth myself.

You missed the first one because of technique, not strength. The fact that you hit it on the second attempt after wasting so much energy on the first should tell you that you have plenty of strength.

Congrats on the PR! You also have a great hype man because he counted two reps. Gotta love optimism. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is incredibly impressive to me that after that first rep, the second one was where you got the full extension. That was fuckin sweet, dude.

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That’s the eldest boy. Hes a great training buddy. Hes much more enthusiastic than I am most of the time.

Thank you both. I dont push press normally, so my technique is crap. My wrists are bent back, my push is disjointed and I’m leaning back too much. But I wanted this weight. That 2nd attempt was pure stubbornness.


Nice work you pushed through! Also, great control on the way down, nicely done not letting it drop.

Ha, it’s much easier when your living room is directly below the weights room.

But in a serious note, I wanted to milk the negative phasecaa bit more. Getting a load over head is great but I should have used it a bit more.

Live and learn.

Fyi thank you both.

I fucking love how every time I’ve seen you achieve something impressive on here, you allow yourself a little pat on the back time, then its straight on to “how do I do better next time”. Absolutely awesome attitude man.

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well played, nice to have kids assitance ahah

Thank you. You are very kind.

It’s not always been the case. I’ve struggled in the past. But now my life is just a series of mini in game challenges.
Big goals, smart targets, daily improvements, long term success.


Check out my log. My kids train. And I mean TRAIN like they mean it.

Loving the work you put in, your squats are always super impressive as well, serious volume. This is a decent lift and a nice milestone - keep going!

Thanks man. Yeah - 100kg is a big deal. From 2 to 3 figures. I’m buzzing.

I want to work on making it full military press. No dip, no legs, all shoulder. On wards and up wards.