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My Findings on Testosterone

I’ve been on T cyp for 3 years. The first 6 months was great but the past few years I would feel ok on my injection day but after that there was a doom and gloom around my being. Told doc and after another blood test he has put me on 1 mg a week of armidex. I’ve started with .5 mg after each injection E/5 days 60 mg in each T dose. I’m back to feeling good again. I’ve found that this hormone game is never constant but always changing and so is my mind and body. I’m hoping the Estrogen will keep working in a positive way. Thanks for reading everyone. The only negative the doc saw was my blood was a bit thick in which I went to donate blood and as soon as I told them I take testosterone they would not let me donate. Doc says he can take blood off of me if it stays high. Does anyone here let blood off of themselves at home?? How much to take etc?? Thanks crew