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My Final 4


Well only have 4 training weeks left until the Masters Nationals and the fun will now begin.
Sunday Apr 2 deadlift day. I wasn't sure how I would do, had back spasms yesterday and today. So I began with the set of 10 empty bar squats. Then my stretching routine, nothing pornographic, just power stretches. Then let the deadlifting begin with a set of 6 with 135 and I did put the belt on for it. Not wimping, just being safe. Then a set of 3 with 225, and 315. Then singles with 365 and 405. Then I loaded the bar to 435, and concentrating on driving my feet down I pulled 3 hard reps going to full lockout on each one. First time I have done that weight for 3 in about 6 years. Look out tonight wife, your barbarian will be wound up.
Then zercher squats sets of 3 with 175, 215, then a personal record 245.
Then the ever popular glute ham raises. A set of 6 with just bodyweight, then 2 sets of 8 holding a 45lb plate. This strengthens the glutes, and hams and makes it so I know it is the pants making my butt look fat.
Then my vertical crunches on the smith machine, 3 sets of 20 with the green bands. Hardening up the beer gut.
That was it and outta there to rest and recover. Not to mention getting mass quantities of good food.


Hey the gut comes with being an old fart.I worked hard over the years for mine!Stay strong and TRAIN HARD!Jimmy T