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My Fights from the Weekend

Fought in my first tournament for ages this weekend. Fought in the advanced category under 83kg. Rules are modified ADCC, all subs allowed. I’m the one in the grey sleavless shirt and black and white shorts

Competing in advanced division is impressive on its own, but 4 quick submission victories… yowza

Nicely done, CB! You are good at going with the flow instead of struggling against a force & you seem very calm.

Great Job.

Congratulations Cockney Blue. Excellent work.


Robert A

Very nice!

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Still need to get way tighter in my game. Tournament was good fun though so am looking for the next date in the calander. Fancy getting a decent number of national tournaments under my belt this year and maybe an international one.

Miss P, I’m almost too calm when I compete. I need to learn to get fired up a bit more at the moment that I need it. Have been too passive in the past and let openings pass me by.

Well done CB. Thanks for sharing the videos.

As Miss Parker observed, you look quite serene during combat, which is a good advantage.

I’ve always been weary of calmer opponents than me. They were the trickiest, hardest to take down.

Started training with Roger Gracie and then trained with Royce for a number of years. Had some good role models on the staying calm side of things.

I have to agree, when I turn up to fight, the guy shadow boxing and prowling around doesn’t worry me, it’s the guy asleep at the back of the bleachers

Excellent job- nice work and you are very fluid

Smooth transitions and great submissions! Keep it up :slight_smile: