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My Fight to Weigh 200 by the End of 2009


Thats the goal.

*currently weigh 177.7lbs (80.7kgs) want to be 200lbs (90.9kgs) by the end of the year. went from 74 to 84kgs from march to june, dropped some weight, ready to do it but this time cleaner, and consistently.

*diet consists of eggs, steak, lean mince, chicken, vegies, pasta, rice, EVOO, fish oil, peanut butter and milk. if im not gaining, more milk will be added, more shakes, more fats. although i wanna keep this reasonably clean for my diet to minimise fat gain, every week one day will be a cheat day, calories must remain in surplus (six meals a day) but what i eat can vary, fast food etc with some exceptions like if having fast food, eat burgers not fries, diet soda, etc.

*routine - 6 days a week, 3-day split
- chest/tris/calves, legs/shoulders, back/bis/traps

Lets do it.


TRAINING LOG: (No. of reps x Total kgs lifted)

day 1/158:
eggs, vegies
milk, whey, peanut butter, evoo shake
pasta and lean mince
milk, mass gainer
steak, sweet potatoes, vegies
chicken, basmati rice


Flat DB Press 8x45kgs,50,55,60
Incline DB Press 8x40,45,45
DB Flyes 25x12,12,30x10
Tricep Pulldowns 12x50,55,60
Rope Pulldowns 12x30,35,35
Calf Press 12x60,60,70,70
Seated Calf Raises 25,15,15,20x30kgs


Ate well today, dont think im going to post diet on here, its in my log book anyways, just my lifts on here will do, as well as updates on my weight gain, in addition to progress pics. :slight_smile:


Lat Pulldowns 12x40,50,55,10x60
Chinups 5xBW,6xBW,BW probably should have done these before lat pulldowns cos im weak
DB Rows 10x22.5,25,6x27.5
Cable Rows 12x40,45,50,55
Barbell Curls 10x20,25,8x30
Preacher Curls 12x25,27.5,30
Upright Rows 12x15,17.5,20,20
DB Shrugs 12x20,22.5,25

Really good workout, felt awesome. Shoulders and legs 2moro booyah!


Did legs/shoulders today… threw up for the first i pushed it so fucking hard. For me that is…

db press 8x35,40,45,5x50
front db raise 12x7.5,10x10
side db raise 12x7.5,6x10
rear delt raise 12x5, 10x7.5
leg press 8x80,120,140,140
hack squat 12x40,50,5x50,6x50
lying leg curls 12x35,10x40,10x45,4x50**

**felt sick, threw up for the first on the way home, ugh… felt fucking shit, but good workout


how u can u use 60kg dumbells for flat pressing but only 25 for seated overhead pressing? lol i use 45 for flat and 35 for overhead 40 incline


man are your DB number for each or for both of them, 'cause using 60kg dumbell for inclines and only 27kg for DB row seems like a total imbalance.


yeah thanks guys, they were the dumbbell numbers not the total weight, ive edited it, cheers, off to do back and bis, will post up tonights and yesterdays numbers when i get back.


Your numbers are fucked up. need explanations