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My Fiancee is Working Out, Dieting & Not Losing Weight

What can I do?

she eats 2 very small, healthy meals a day, no alcohol, nothing processed, no wine, no drinks. Why is she not losing weight?

hell me and her both got covid 2 weeks ago and I lost 8 lbs and she gained 3 lbs. how is that possible?

she works out very hard with weights

is it possible she ruined her metabolism somehow? we did a comprehensive blood tests and doctors said she’s perfectly healthy

Why does this post seem extremely familiar???




My feelings exactly!


This one is new

And appreciate the COVID mention, really trying to stick to the times… like a bad rerun

How bad with this little dude hurt by a woman that his favorite hobby is trolling about how fat his imaginary fiancee is? Yeesh.

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Since you haven’t yet tied the knot, it isn’t too late to look elsewhere for a woman with better genetics.
And save us this repeat.

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I would like to see this play out for a few more posts. I need more reading material.

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THis would have been more useful for me last semester. My classes are too interesting this semester…