My Fiancee is Struggling Desperately to Lose Weight

my fiancee started dieting hardcore last 4 weeks. She’s been doing a good job - working out 3-4 times a week and eating a very healthy 1000 calories a day

now on Monday, she got down to 204 (she was 208 3 weeks ago) but then all of a sudden, she ballooned up to 209 yesterday. She’s like in tears and asking me to help her out. She’s completely baffled. I feel like I’m totally failing her. She’s 5’10 200+… based on online metabolism calculators, she should be losing tons of weight based on these numbers - the calculators say she should be burning 2000-2500 cals a day

how is this possible? she tells me she’s been drinking like crazy amount of water and peeing 20 times a day. Could this just be water gain where she was dehydrated before?? Is there any plausible explanation for why a 22 year old girl would struggle so badly to lose weight? I did all her health tests and they said she is perfectly healthy. Why would calories in vs calories out not work when she is eating healthy and lifting heavy??

now she does have a good amount of muscle. What’s weird is I know cals in vs cals out works great for me. When I follow it, I easily lose 2-3 lbs a week

She is lying about her intake. No way she is eating 1000 calories and not losing weight.


I swear this exact topic was presented in the beginners forum almost verbatim about a year ago by some troll.


IMO, she needs to stay focused. Keep plugging away. Keep the eye on the prize!
Some people have a body type that has quite a bit of inertia to stay at the same weight and body composition.
If she is putting on muscle that is great in the long game. She will burn more calories. Plus her shape will greatly improve. The mirror is way more important than the scale.

Now to address her possible weak moments for food:

  • How is her insulin management?
  • Does she have a sweet tooth?
  • Does she tend to get hungry easily?
  • Nuts are a much better snack than a sugared treat.

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@wanna_be care to jump in?

Is it possible that her calories are too low to where the body thinks it’s starving itself…therefore hangs on to fat

hey guys I’m not trolling, if you want I can post some pics of her

Is it possible for a very healthy girl to have a horrible metabolism??

No, this is not a thing.


This was posted in the BB forums and I believe it was removed.

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If you truly care about your fiancee, you will be having her visit a medical professional rather than outsourcing this issue to randos on the internet.


When I first me my wife she was heavy. I got her to run and ride an exercise bike almost everyday. She didn’t change he diet one iota . It wasn’t long before I had to tell her to stop running and cycling so much as she was getting too skinny. After she lost a lot of weight she started bodybuilding and she looked great!


This is literally exactly what the last one did, then he threw up pics of some underage Latina chick at a water park.

So, sure, go ahead and post pics. You’re just giving @Chris_Colucci more to remove on Monday morning.


how do we know this one won’t post the same pics

If he’s smart he’ll steal some other ones from somewhere else.

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Are you saying there is no minimum limit of calories the body needs before going into survival mode

Asking because I do not know and am curious myself

ask her to stop eating her teamate lunch

Sparkyo, is there anything else you can think off in terms of having a horrible metabolism?

punisher what kind of medical expert? I had her do all blood tests and she tested perfectly. Doc said she’s very very healthy

Which blood tests are “all blood tests”? What were her specific results?

Also, it’s only been 4 weeks and you already had her run every blood test? That woulda meant you did that at around the 1-2 week mark of the diet, right?