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My Fellow Canadians


Anyone from Canada recently order Biotest products? I am wondering how many extra charges are added by Customs to get the products across the border? I have also heard that it varies from province to province, which I find strange as I would have thought it to be the same. Thanks.


I ordered mine two weeks ago and still haven't got it. I am in British Columbia. I know that I will be charged 14% tax, duty and a brokerage fee. I am not sure yet how much it will add up to. I'll try to remember to keep ya posted.



Depends where you are. I don't think Biotest products can get through customs in Alberta. If you're in Ontario you shouldn't have a problem. Not really sure about the other provinces.


A while ago someone posted a couple of sites where you can get Biotest stuff in Canada. I have ordered from both and been very happy with both price and speed of delivery.



I received an order in almost lightspeed...... perhaps 3 days? Customs can tie stuff up for days, which they did to another order of mine, previously.

If I recall, my last order was around, $100 + US, and FedEx, ( or whoever it is that Biotest uses...... ) charged me about $16 Canadian on top of that when the package was delivered. I think I got gouged more than that on the last order, so there's not necessarily too much consistency.

Bittabit, and other BC'ers, I have been toying with the idea of coordinating our orders. I don't know if it would be worth it, but we could make one big order together, then split it up when it arrives. I had thought of this for Lower Mainlanders, since we could actually get together to split the stuff up.

One drawback could be that if the order is TOO big, customs will assume it's for resale, then you're looking at BIG brokerage hassles.....

\|/ 3Toes