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Going into my Junior year of highschool, and hoping to be starting this season. looking to start at corner or strong saftey. This is what ive been doing the last 2 weeks-
I am 5'6 150lbs

1RM bench-210
1RM Suqat-235
1RM Deads-315
1RM Powercleans-190

Monday/Wednesday/Friday A.M.

Chest- Bench Press
Incline Barbell
Dumbell Flys

Back- Chin ups close/outer grip
Bent over rows
T-Bar Rows

Monday/Wednesday P.M.

Legs- Squats
Front Squats
Deads regular/ wide grip
Straight leg Deads
Leg Curls
Glute-Ham exstensions


Start wirh Powercleans

Shoulders- Shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
Bent Over lateral Raises
Dumbell/Barbell Shrugs

Upper Arms- Barbell/Dumbell Curls
Incline Dumbell Curls
Concentration Curls
Lying Tri Exstensions
One Arm Exstensions

Forearms- Reverse Wrist Curl
Dumbell Wrist Curls

Calfs an Abdominals every day
Reps/Sets Change every to every other week

Think this is worth doing or go for something less intense???


That is an awful large amount of volume for a football player who is also going to be running/practicing skills.


Buckeye is right. Too much stuff. Maybe try rotating Incline and Flat bench every 2 weeks instead of hitting them both in the same workout. Same with your other exercises. Deadlifts after Front Squats and Back Squats and then stiff legged Deadlifts are going to kill you. I'd guess you will be down to the bar by the time you get to stiff legged deads. Try the same with this scheme. Pick front or back squats and rotate them every two weeks. But don't try to do them both the same workout. You may have enough gas to Deadlift after your squats. If so pull a couple sets of 3.

Keep the Pullups and one rowing exercise. Look at your arm exercises too. Don't need nearly that much right now. Cut back to one bicep and one tricep exercise at the end of the workout and rotate these as well. Keep the cleans but work in some rotator cuff in place of the side laterals.



Too much stuff. You need to simplify it a bit. If you are trying to gain weight you still need to focus on the compound movements (Squats, Presses, Pulls) but some of the other stuff is what I refer to as beach exercises. Read DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards article or the Westside 2 article. These can both be done safely and when done correcdtly will yield great results. Don't forget to EAT!


just curious, but why do you need to train like an assisted bodybuilder if you're playing football?

There are MUCH better programs that you could be doing, hell, you should check out DeFranco's new one he just threw down yesterday, it addresses all the running that you're probably doing along with hitting the weights.


Way to much volume...If it hasn't been suggested already look at the program that Joe Defranco just posted.


Yeah you have way to many exercises and depending on your position you should be training for speed and power instead of doing a bodybuilding routine. And another thing what type of rep ranges are you doing?


Ive Looked at the program by Joe DeFranco and that looks better then what i have been doing. Im taking this next week off, feeling a little burned out, then ill start his program.

The Rep/sets ive been using is low reps, high volume on the compund movements, then pyramid the other lifts 10,8,6,4.