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My Favorite Bodybuilder


I've always thought it was too much. Guys like him, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler are just too huge and freaky but...

I realized that in bodybuilding, the way you present yourself is a HUGE factor as to how people see you on stage. I mean, look at the video above! I love the posing and he really knows how to show people his size.


Ya don't say...


He's my least favorite. Awesome,dude,though.

King Kamali was sick.


Probably long forgotten but I always liked Mike Francois growing up.


I remember watching a video a long time ago of Ruhl grocery shopping... tossing pounds and pounds and pounds of food into the cart. It all looked so small compared to him. then he starts smoking a cig as he walks to his car after. Very funny vid, i think about it every time i go to the grocery store

5'10, 275 - massive


cool story.

Ruhl was a freak and the night of champions(02, i think?) where he rocked up ripped to shreds and ginormous was awesome.

seems like a funny dude, pissed I didn't get time off work to meet him last year.


I liked Mike very much. He was kind of an idol for me in the 90'. And he was a very strong guy!