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'My Father the Drug Dealer'


I have to say that this was a pretty good read. Basically, a man recounts all his families exploits in drug rings.



Anyone with kids who has anything to do with drugs is a fucking faggot.


Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I'd like to point out to anyone else that is going to read this that the link directs to page 4 of the article, not page 1. So if you don't want to feel stupid like me for reading the last page first, then skip back to page 1 after clicking the link :slight_smile:


what kind of logic is that ?


Solid read.... Guys' not even 30 and has a pretty good stable of articles under his belt. I'd say he's doing a good job of making his own way.


I think he's still f'ed up over his recent bad experience.


The same kind of logic he displays in most of his posts.


pretty fucking stupid statement


I don't use the term faggot in reference to homosexuality, if that is your complaint.

If you are arguing that one can sell hard drugs and still be a good parent, I disagree.


I think that was Belligerent meant is that anyone who deals drugs while they have kids is a dumb ass. Which is true. Back when I was into various shit like that, I went to an old female friend's house to buy shit from her. When I got there, her little blonde 4 year old daughter was just running around the house. I told her that I couldn't do this with a kid around, and she's fucked up for dealing drugs in front of her toddler, then I left. She no longer has custody of that kid, because it was given to her mom after more people started to find out that she subjected her kid to seeing trash like that.

If you don't find anything wrong with that, then you probably just deserve to be kicked in the nuts a few times.


Damn, I didn't even notice that. My fault.


You should proabbly edit the first post, i clicked on it and read the last page first before realizing it too.