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My Fat Loss Program

I’ve decided to start early and shed my “winter” bodyfat and get ready for the summer. I can fit another five 2 week MAG-10 cycles before summer so my plan is to get down to less than 8% (which would be a first) from where I sit now at about 13% or so. I’m carry a little bit more bodyfat (just in my abs) as well as muscle than my picture in issue 138’s reader mail, so if you read this post please reply and give me an estimate to what you think that I am in that picture of a year ago.

Anyhow, here is what I’ve come up to lose fat fast. During my 2 week MAG-10 cycles I will follow Cy’s recommendations from “Steroid Dieting”. My plan is 1.5g/lb. of protein, 80g carbs, and 50g fat since I weigh 205 lbs. During 4 week off time, I will bump up calories as close to maintenance as possible monitoring weight to make sure it remains stable. Carbs will be increased to 30% of cals, Protein at 40%, and Fat at 30%. Surge will be used throughout. M+tribex for 2 weeks after cycle. Fish oils will be used throughout. I have 2 bottles of old MD6 that I think I will use during MAG-10 cycles and I have 1 bottle of old T2 that I want to use sometime during this fat loss plan. Basically i’m posting to get some support and advice on my plan. Also to get some help on how I should use MD6 and T2. Thanks for any replies.

Tough to say from looking at the picture because you’re wearing a shirt, but I’d say 11% or so? Anyway, the thing that popped out at me was that your jumping right to 30% carbs after the 80g/day during the cycles. It might be wiser to gradually increase carbs to 100- 120 the first week, 150 the next, etc. Low carb diets are very effective, but they can also prime you for rapid fat/water gain if you up your carbs too quickly. I would recommend a gradual reintroduction of carbs in between cycles, lest you add back anything you worked so hard to lose during the on weeks. Might not be a bad idea to throw in some glutamine as well.

good point Eric. i should introduce carbs slower after the 2 week low-carb heavy dieting. the only long-term problem i see with that plan is that i will never have ample amounts of carbs in my diet since my off weeks will be short 2-4 weeks. this would decrease my insulin sensitivity in the long run. any ideas?