My fat loss plan

Was planning on cutting after the new year due to the last six months’ focus on strength training (and subsequent fat gain). My plan is to use cytomel cycling from 12.5 up to 75 mg then back down to 12.5 mg in four weeks time. During that time I will be using Mag10 at one dose per day to help with LBM preservation. I will also use Hot-Rox through the first phase and continuing into the tribex/m phase. I will be strength training 4x/week and doing high intensity cardio intervals 2x/week while following a ketogenic diet. My goals: At 6’2" 260 and 18% bodyfat is to attain 10% bodyfat in two months. Obviously I will have to adjust things as I get going based on results, but these are my preliminary plans. I know it’s not a steroid cycle but I thought you guys would be the most knowledgable/helpfull bunch to ask! Whaduya think?

AceQHounddog, I usually post on the T&N forum, but will share my thoughts.

With Cytomel, people typically take Clenbuterol with it for its anti-catabolic benefits. Do some reserach on the combo.

Ideally with T3 you would spend 5% of the cycle ramping up, 40% of your cycle at the highest dosage, and 55% ramping down in small increments. It’s better to take your dosage in divided/smaller doses, say at 6:00, 12:00, 6:00 and 12:00. Most T3 patients only take their thyroid medication twice a day, but there are benefits to more even levels.

To protect muscle while taking T3 and to get the most out of Mag-10, you need to make sure protein is high. My recommendations are:

Protein 2g x TBW
Carbs 2g x TBW
Fat as low as possible, just getting in what you’d get from lean cuts of meat and your EFAs/fish oil

Those numbers will be different on your “off” cycle, meaning the two weeks you’re not taking Mag-10.

Considering your goals, I would do more cardio. HIIT when you do it should never be on an empty stomach (i.e., fasted state) and should only be about 10-15 minutes in duration, with a 5 minute warmup and cooldown. Short, sweet, fast, intense.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hotrox stimulates your thyroid to increase its activity. Cytomel is an exogenous supply of thyroid hormones which will suppress your thyroid. I advise you to use the cytomel by itself and then after you are finished your course, use hotrox to help you recover and avoid a crash. Of course I don’t advise you to use cytomel at all though because it really has the potential to f**k thinks up for you permamently. I think you should just stick to hotrox and a good diet.

“HIIT when you do it should never be on an empty stomach (i.e., fasted state)”

Why do you say that specifically- for LBM wasting reasons or for performance reasons? Would some BCAA’s and Glutamine beforehand be good enough?

3xKrazy, HIIT is short, sweet, fast, intense and uses the anaerobic energetic pathway. Weight lifting also uses the anaerobic pathways. As you deduced, it is for the purpose of protecting LBM that you neither lift or do HIIT fasted state.

Ace, I strongly agree with Prisoner’s comments on the use of Cytomel/T3. Properly used it will burn some serious fat. However, it’s just as willing (and likely) to burn/chew up muscle as fat. It’s a pro’s drug. A lot of people use a dosage that’s too high or don’t ramp down properly. Lots of LBM lost and a thyroid that gets seriously depressed. The result is that when T3 supplementation is discontinued you’re eating at a caloric deficit, yet gaining weight. Think long and hard on this one (and do plenty of reseaarch) before you do.

Finally, even if you run the cycle perfectly (ramping up and ramping down at a perfect dosage), if your diet is not absolutely perfect, you’re not going to get the results you’re hoping for.

I with Prisoner on this one. Your goal is easily obtainable with a proper diet and exercise regimine. You have two months in wich to drop 8% bodyfat. It can be done without the T3 etc.

TT, when one is dieting and trying to conserve kcal at all costs…would a bcaa/glutamine mix before HIIT or lifting be enough to prevent loss of LBM?

3xKrazy, sounds like you’re dieting strictly/aggressively. The BCAAs will help when dieting strictly, but should not be used as a replacement for a meal prior to lifting or HIIT. Protein synthesis requires all of the essential amino acids.

Feel free to stop by the T&N forum if you’d like a dietary critique. I’d be glad to run the numbers for you.

I think it was Cy Wilson who said some people only take 12.5 mg of cytomel the whole time because, due to it’s long half-life, you can easily build up 50 mg of the drug in your system. Would that be a decent approach as a way to get some of the benefits of cytomel without as much of the risk? Thanks everyone for your replies so far.