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my family

thought i would post a few pics of the heavy-family, i enjoy see other family pics, so what the heck.

one more cause i am silly that way.

Dude, how come you’re so big? Oh yeah, you’re a freak.

Great looking family.

Your girls look like cute little twins.

cute kids n wife there bro.

Nice family Pics… Beautiful family and your daughters are adorable!


and mine…they only “look” innocent…


You sure that isn’t “SantaCake”??

ughh cup, i thought i was in trouble with 2 teenage girls at the same time, you gonna have three, stay in shape bro so you can intimidate the little bastards which will soon be sniffing around your house!
great looking family! i know you are proud.


It must put things into a weird sort of perspective when you realize that your arms are the size of your daughter’s head (lol)



Beautiful family you got there Heavy, thanks for sharing a pic of them with us, I’m jealous. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the “Cake” and his wonderful family and it’s nice to see someone else who’s proud to show us what he has at home.

Okay…what is the combined deadlift total of the “Heavy” fam???..haha.

Just playin bro. Thanks for sharing. Great looking family

my wife is built for pleasure not for pulling(lol) but my big girl works out with me when i am at home. she does farmers walks with 25lb dumbells, pushpresses with 10lb dumbells, and “hindu” squats while holding on to a 10lb pate for 20 reps. i will wait till she is 13-14 before i sart her with anything heavy and barbells.

thanks for all the kind words magnus, it means a lot to me, all of you in fact. anybody on the forum near northern california? meeting up with another t-person would be fun.


Beautiful Girls all but…"my wife is built for pleasure not for pulling(lol)

That’s gonna get you in trouble if she reads the boards…

Yeah, I need to keep large for the intimidation factor when the little weasels start showing up. Worse yet may be the PMS if all of them do not get into “rhythm” with each other, one week a month where Dad hides in the Garage is O.K but FOUR?..I think not…

“Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the only time of the month when I can be myself”

~ Roseanne Barr