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My family

Hi guys hope this works this is me and my family.

Cuda, that ain’t the right family for your name…

I was expecting a nice hemi in the middle, flanked by a 440 on one side and maybe a couple little 340’s in the front…:slight_smile:

Hey you got some arms on you.

Sorry Anti to disapoint not car pics downloaded and still having problems posting my pics.


Nice arms, ya big JERK.


ps - look at my before and after pics to see why I hate you lol.

Always nice to put a face to a name.

Here is another member I need to put her on The T-Kat 2.0 diet

Thanks Neil but You look good to and this was last October about 10 to 15 pnds lighter. Now in a bulking phase and just came off of Kings Arm workout…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh my god! you stole my cat! hahahaha

Nice to see you, your biceps and the other members of your family.

What part of TX you in Cuda?

fragile I live in Houston well Spring to be exact, You?