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My Fall Lean Bulking Cycle


My next cycle will start at the end of august and will be:

Equipoise 250mg/ every third day= 625mg/ week for 16 weeks

My stats are 32 yrs old 6ft tall 210lbs @ ~10% bf training 16 yrs
Previous cycles:

may 2006
Winstrol 50mg/day 60 days

nov 2006
Test propionate 75mg/day 70 days
Masteron 45mg/day 50days (day 21 to end)

may 2007
Test propionate 75mg/day 70 days
Masteron 75mg/day 70 days
Anavar 60mg/day 70 days

My PCT will be:
(45 days after my last shot)
Day 1 Clomid 300mg (3 days after my final shot) 100mg 3 times
Day 2-6 Clomid 100mg (before bed)
Day 7-13 Clomid 50mg
Day 2-24 Nolvadex 20mg first thing in the morning
Day 25-30 Nolvadex 10mg
Day 31-40 Nolvadex 5mg


Your cycle looks good. It's very simple and it works. I wouldn't wait 45 days for PCT though, more like three to four weeks. Why have you chosen to use both clomid and nolva? The PCT you have would work, but you could run just one compound (preferably just Nolva, but that's personal opinion).


No test?


I have waited that long, mostly to see if I my nards would plump up on their own... Which they didn't so I busted out the nolvadex, lol. Funny thing though, they plumped after only three days on the nolvadex.


Thanks for all your input guys, I am now considering throwing in 125mg sustenon in each shot 312.5mg/ week, I have had problems with water retention in the past with test and AI's are pricey through my source I was hoping to make this a cheap cycle. I normaly use masteron with test to avoid the bloated look. Will a low dose of test be enough to avoid libido issues?


You're skipping the HCG? Not sure that's a good idea after a 16 week cycle.


Definately no need to wait the 45 days as was already stated. Order your adex through chem one instead of your source. Clean up your diet and up your level of test per week and drop the level of eq.