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My Fall Cycle

Here is what I am planning to run this fall:

Weeks 1-10: 500 mgs of primo
Weeks 3-12: 500 mgs of masteron
Weeks 3-12: 500 mgs of test prop

Anavar will be run at 50 mgs a day throughout, halo at 20 mgs a day for the first three week and the last three weeks. I am starting the primo two weeks earlier since it is enanthate, so hopefully it will be kicking in when I start the test/masteron, then everything will be clearing out of my body about the same time so I can start PCT. PCT is going to consist of tormifene and proviron. This will be my first experience with primo and tormifene.

I am currently 25, but will be 26 when this gets going. 6’3, around 225 pounds, with slightly over 10% pudge. I’m looking to gain a few pounds, maybe 10 at the most, but really want to seriously drop bodyfat while hopefully gaining some strength.

Input is appreciated.