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My Fall Bulk Lean and Mean Cycle. Advice?

Hey everyone, I got alot of help in my previous questions… thanks for that, so I’m back again to find out how everyone sees this cycle I’m planning coming up… 36yr old, have run 3 cycles… currently, 215lb, 6’2", 9.2% BF… last cycle was good to me:) and I was able to meet my goal of 220 with less than 10%bf… I’m trying to hold onto it and I’m off cycle for about a month now… I’ll be jumping on this next one mid october.
So this is what I’m thinking…
Wk 1-6 dbol 60mg/day
Wk 1-16 test ent 600mg(300mg e3d)
Wk 1-12 deca 400mg(200mg e3d)
Wk 7-16masteron(blend, long &short esther) 400mg (200mg e3d)
W- 17-18 test prop 50mg/ed (to prepare for pct)
Adex at .5 ED for entire cycle as well as into first week of pct… then decreasing dose to finish at pct end…
PCT is Clomid wk 19-22… 50/50/25/25

What do you think? I’m trying to bulk in beginning and finish dry and strong…

Do you get bloodwork to check estrogen? That’s a really low dose adex for this cycle. Unless your an adex over-responder, I would guess this won’t keep your e2 in range. I’d also do at least a 6 week pct. Your clomid dose should be half what you wrote here. More is not always better. Those are all minor things though, I like it overall.

So bump up to 1mg adex ed? To answer the question tho, I don’t have bloodwork done during cycle… I am kind of scared to talk to a doc explaining why I would want it done. Do I just be honest and tell them I’m on AAS? What do you recommend for pct exactly? I just ran a 50/50/25/25 for my last cycle and so far, I feel great. I’m Def getting blood done before my next cycle to see how I turned out. Thanks for the response. I think you may be right about the adex. Also, how can I bust up this post pct acne?? It’s killing me.

Do you live in the US? Just order the blood test online. You order the test, go to the lab, get blood drawn, they email you the results in a couple days.

The post pct acne is also likely a result of a lack of estrogen control. As I suggested, your pct isn’t long enough. That’s why you’re getting the estrogen rebound. Lower the dose, extend the pct. and taper even more than you currently are doign.


I’m looking at testing and it’s around 250 for a full panelcincluding progesterone… would it be decent to pay 110 for total T and estradiol levels only? I don’t know exactly what to order on tests… labcorp seems like the easiest way to go here in NC

I think you have edited your post from when you first put it up? - i wasn’t sure what your total weekly dose was from how you had initially written it.

At 600mg test and 400mg deca per week with dbol your adex dose of 0.5mg ED might be fine. I’d do 1mg EOD personally rather than cutting the pills.

Bloodwork will be the only way to confirm. I’m in the UK so not sure how best for you to get this tested. If you’re in the USA i think people use privatemdlabs? Generally i think its $100 or so for everything you need iirc

Yes, I reread the post and realized it looked like 1200test and 800deca per week… ouch, that’s alot of oil! I will def stick to the 1mg adex eod. Thanks. Also, what testing am I looking to Get? Just total T and estradiol? Or do I need to know free T and other things as Well? Thanks for your input man.

For bloods during your cycle i would get something like

CBC (blood panel)
Lipids (Cholesterol)
liver & Kidney function
E2 (sensitive estrogen) to check AI dosing
prolactic to see if you need caber with your deca dose.

prolactin probably isn’t neccesary if there is an extra cost involved. On 400mg deca you should be fine just keep estrogen under control and probably won’t need caber.

@flipcollar can probably advise you better on the blood tests within the USA. I think all of the above should be available as a ‘deal’ of some sort, excluding the prolactin, for around the $100 mark.

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I found the test including the prolactin and it was 100. Thanks man, I’m on the way now for bloodwork. I took tren last cycle so I definitely want to see how I held up without the caber on prolactin levels.

privatemdlabs and directlabs are my preferred sites to go for bloodtests. I’ve gotten very comprehensive blood panels in the 100-150 range. you shouldn’t have to pay 250 or anything like that for limited testing.

Ok, I got my results back and everything looks decent as far as I can tell. I know my LH is high but I just stopped the Clomid a week ago… test is lower than I expected also… am I missing something here?? My e2 looks decent so my AI dosing has been correct recently leading up to the test. I’m a little concerned about how high the LH is… anyone have thoughts?

Can anyone tell me if my LH being high is ok? And do I need to give blood?

Bloods have been taken too soon after dropping the clomid and LH is elevated due to this. Can’t see your RBC / Hematocrit to say if you should donate. Your BUN is quite elevated it might be worth investigating that further.

Hey guys, I’m getting ready for this cycle and I got a deal on about 200 10mg var tabs. GP Oxan so they should be legit… I have never used anavar but I’m interested to see how you think i can incorporate them into this cycle or should I hold them for a bridge? Or just wait till another time and cycle… thoughts? Experience with it? Thanks gents.