My Faith in the Young Lifter has been Somewhat Restored

Tonite was deadlift night (wendler 5/3/1). I get to the gym to find a couple kids deadlifting. One near the squat rack, the other near the power rack. I grabbed a bar and went over by the Smith. This is a commercial/strip type gym but it has a great attitude. They hold push/pulls there. Hell. they encourage chalk. Unfortunately, there aren’t platforms or a designated DL area.

Long story short. Three guys in a row, pulling at least 3 plates. The kids were only 19yrs old. For at least today, my faith in the young lifter has been somewhat restored. We’ll see what Friday brings.

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around me unless it’s egregiously weird or has some yuks rolled up in it.

But it’s nice to hear that some lads, somewhere in the mighty U.S., don’t mind putting they’re backs into it.

The last year I have noticed a lot of the young lifters moving back to the basics. More squatting, pulling etc.

Lot of younguns lift where I do and they’re seriously into it. Other day, 3 high school kids, all had their summer workouts from their coach. “Speed” cleans with 225 and I’m sure not one of them weight that. Add into the mix these kids have a heck of a lot more knowledge than I, probably we, did at their age. Wish I could say I didn’t do anything stupid back in the day. Two kids, classic fatty and skinny. They’re doin the wrist roll thing with a bar, a rope hangin from it and a weight on the end. Couple of more forearm exercises. They are really into these, too. Finally I had to ask. “Buckhorn High School band,sir, best drum line there is.” Wasn’t much weight but damn if I don’t believe they’re the best.