My Fairly Low Test Level Results

I just got tested 2 days ago and here are the results…

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 416.7 ng/dL 348.0-1197.0 BN

Bench Press Barbell: 120 3x6
Squat: 140 3x5
Deadlift: 180 3x5

Here is where I am at in lifting…weak I know but progress has been slow. I have some symptoms of low test like depression, fatigue, hard to sleep sometimes, and a few other things. Surprisingly, my penis seems to work fine but I haven’t tested it in a bit lol

My diet really comprises of chicken, steak, potatoes, peanut butter, and pita bread. If I really had to simplify what I eat that would be it.

I am at 17% BF according to my caliper readings and currently on a modified PHAT program. I wonder if working out 5 days a week could be the issue? I am also on a slight cut/maint when I got the test done.

Not sure why original post isn’t letting me edit…

I am 22
160 pounds
17% bf
Fairly fast hair growth on face have to shave every other day. Lately it has slowed down and I shave every 2 days.
Have a pear shaped body right now with some fat on my chest that makes it seem like I have boobies especially if I flex. I pressed my nipple and didn’t feeling anything hard just kind of an empty void. I have squeezed the nipple and grabbed a lot of my flesh and felt something hard. Not sure if that is gyno…

I usually have morning and night wood…

I’m not sure what a PHAT program is, but dieting and working out 5 times per week could lead to some fatigue, and might also slightly lower testosterone levels. When you’re trying to naturally cut body fat and follow an intense program, you also might not feel the greatest; that’s somewhat to be expected.

Anyway, your testosterone does not look super low, and most doctors would not go the TRT route with that number. Depression, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping wouldn’t necessarily be fixed with higher testosterone, nor are they necessarily related. For example, I’m on TRT with testosterone >2X your level and often have difficulty sleeping, feel depressed sometimes, etc.

Also, TRT isn’t without complications and hassle, so you might want to look into what you can do naturally. While it doesn’t sound like you’re eating crap, what about adding more vegies and fruits, a multi vitamin, and fish oil. Those seem to improve mood, gym numbers, and overall health.

What else are you wanting to know? It might help to ask more specific questions to get better advice, and different opinions. IDK about the gyno. Feeling something hard doesn’t sound normal. Maybe it’s a cyst?