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My Failed Bulk. Help?

Hey! My name is Hristiyan and im new in the forum just like im beginner at fitness. I started training ( seriously) March this year. At that time i was 65 kilos (143 lbs), 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches) and i’ve started to gain weight. In August my weight was 75 kg (165 lbs) and i made good progres in core lifts.(Bench went from 132 lbs to 176 lbs for 8 reps and squat went actually from 0 to 220lbs for 8 reps).Then the things have gone wrong. I’m 17 years old and i started to go to school. I’m doing push pull legs program since the beginning of my training journey and have kept stick to it. But i wasn’t so consistent like in the summer, i didn’t go to the gym 6 times every week. When i started lifting i calculated my calorie intake and track my calories via My fitnesspal. But since i’ve started school my look changed and now i’m looking fat. My weight currently is 176 lbs but i’m looking smaller and fatter in the mirror . My strength numbers continue to go up ( bench 220 lbs for 4 reps and squat 253 lb for 8 reps) but my goal is to achieve my best physique. I will be so happy, if someone give me a direction, in which i must go.
My Push Pull Legs split
Bench 4x8(198 lbs)
Incline db bench press 4x6 (66 lbs)
Machine fly 2x12 (130 lbs)
Skullcrushers 4x10-12 (60 lbs)
Triceps rope push down 4x12 (82 lbs)

Weighted pull ups 4x7-8 (16 lbs + my bw 176 lbs)
Seated cable row 3x10 (156 lbs)
Close grip lat pull down 3x10 (130 lbs)
Barbell shrug 3x15 (110lbs)
barbell hammer curls 4x8-10 (60 lbs)
preacher curl 4x10 (60 lbs)

Legs + Shoulders
Squat 4x8 (253 lbs)
Standing machine calf raises 4x20 (235 lbs)
Overhead press 4x6-7 (110 lbs)
Cable lateral raises 4x12 (11 lbs)
Reverse fly 4x10 (116 lbs)

The calorie that i eat now looks like this

Protein: 180g
Carbs 401g
Fat 80g

(the pics are from august i have not taken pictures recently but will!)

You gained bodyweight and all your lifts went up, that seems like a successful Bulk Up to me.

If you’re getting fatter than you’re comfortable with, it may be time to stop bulking and eat and let your body adjust and Recomp for awhile. Get enough calories to maintain your bodyweight, and keep lifting.

If you can keep getting stronger without getting heavier you should be able to get more muscular.

In my opinion you’re in your prime years for building muscle, so you don’t want to limit calories, loose weight or do anything to impair muscle-building. Stay well fed and get lots of protein. But if you’re gaining fat faster than you’re comfortable with you can lower the calories slightly to slow down the fat gains.


Yeah, I’m not sure what part of this bulk makes it “failed”. Strength went up significantly and you put on 30+ pounds in 9 months. That’s spot-on what’s supposed to happen.

Like Flats said, if you’re concerned about fat gain, either dial back on the calories a little bit or add some basic conditioning to your training. Might also be time to split up the “leg and shoulder day” since those are two bigger bodyparts and it’d let you give legs more attention (which, c’mon, they haven’t been getting).

A very common approach would be to stick with push-pull-legs and toss shoulders onto the push day, adjusting the exercises for chest and shoulders a little bit.

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Looks like it went well to me

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Let me guess… you are upset that you dont look ripped to shreds.So you think your “bulk” failed even after you have gained muscle and strength since March. So help us ,why exactly do you think your bulk failed?


You def dont need to train 6 days a week at your age to see results.Just run through programs off this site. Either of these a good start and will lean you out as well as add muscle and strength…

Id try switch this up a bit -more ‘good’ fats from stuff like olive oil, nuts etc and cut back carbs to like 300

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Thank you all for the good and encouraging words ! These are recent pictures of my body. Im sorry i didn’t reply earlier. I think to bulk until February and then start cutting