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My F*ckin Knee!


I did some searching and couldn't find anyone else with a similar circumstance.

Anyway. I'm 23 years old and for the past 4 or 5 years I've had chronic soreness in my right knee.

I'm essentially searching for anyone who is in a similar boat and what you've done to combat the soreness.

The pain can best be described as at the front of the knee either on top of or underneath the patela. Hard to tell, though I can say I feel NO soreness if i push on my knee cap. The knee constantly feels tight. Clicks, pops when walking up stairs. Grinds when I extend the leg outward. My good knee does not do this at all.

The pain is most apparent when I put pressure on it (IE squats, walking up stairs). Its been this sore to make me favor my left leg for years on end. I can try to describe further if needed. Hopefully that gets the point across.

I stretch my hams, quads and calves daily, I take 10-12 grams of fishoil. Obviously I'm not in so much pain that I can't live. Though, I do feel my strength is greatly inhibited because I've been favoring my left leg for the past 4 years.

So, does anyone have any tips, or great articles they've come across that I may benefit from? As I'd mentioned before, I'm only 23, I'd hope I'd be too young to say its bone on bone. But damn it, it feels like it. Bad knees do run in the family.

Thanks for taking the time to read, hope to hear what some of you have done to combat your knee pain!



you might stretch your leg muscles daily. but maybe some are loose, some are tight.... you have to work this out. and your pelvic tilt. some things may need strengthening others not etc.

The glutes, esp weak glute medius play a big role in knee pain...

i have/had (its going away now) chronic plantar facittis and i pretty much stretched everything before like you too..... then i went to see an ART practitioner.... my advice is, GO SEE AN ART PRACTITIONER. they'll work out exactly whats wrong and if your lucky it might only be 3x15 minute sessions and NO MORE PAIN.


Very good post.

I have had very similar as you describe and nothing showed up on x-rays etc. The bast advice any doctor gave me was to ensure I strengthen my quads individually (ie alt on leg ext) and same with hams. This seemed to help as did icing after each workout and elevating the leg when watching tv or whatever.

Now I can run, squat etc fine as long as I dont over train (or dont do enough bizzarly) and only get real pain when driving long distances. The pain is kinda still there but in the background which im sure most people who train hard have in at least one area. Try to avoid surgery and steroid injections wherever possible.


Thanks for the replies! I will head to the gym on my off days and do a little light work on said leg and see what that brings in the coming weeks.

Anyone else?


Sounds like what I have been going through for the past few months - patellofemoral pain syndrome. I had pain when squatting, going up and down stairs, and crazy patellar maltracking (painful clicks and pops!). It was most likely caused by overtraining and overcompensating as I am recovering from a partial patella dislocation on the other knee.

I have had ART done on my ITB and outer quad and I started foam rolling religiously (ITB and outer quad). I was told the same as above - strengthen my quads individually as well as increase glute strength. So far I have been seeing huge improvements. The painful clicking and popping is gone and the pain is getting better everyday. It has taken a bit of time though. The way I figure it is that it took me a while to get so unbalanced that it will take a while to correct it.

I would recommend seeing an ART practitioner too or a sports therapist. Hope this helps!


I woke up one morning about a year ago, with one knee very sore a swollen after a workout the day before. I felt no pain during the workout which included some treadmill to warm up and then some squatting. The pain and swelling would get a little better if I didn't work it, but always came back if I did. Eventually went to orthopedic. X-ray showed nothing. Next, MRI. The MRI showed some minor tears in cartilage. The fix, one cortisone shot and a weeks rest. Its been a couple months and so far so good. Back to squatting as usual. No pain, no swelling. You'll need the MRI to see the small details that cause big problems.


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Once again Simon Cowell tells it like it is.




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My favorite is how everyone's solution is ART. Who gives a damn about the actual diagnosis!

If all you have is a hammer, everthing looks like a nail.



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I am referring not to just this post, but the overwhelming 'joe public' solution to the undiagnosed problem is ART.



Haven't you heard that ART can cure just about everything, from gonorrhea to a broken leg!?!?

Completely agree with your mind frame though, but it just shows how the general population with little to no medical background take the newest "best" solution and apply it to all situations (insert hammer/nail quote). The best thing we can do as medical professionals is to try and educate the best we can.


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